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Just found out

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I've been married for five years and I've only ever been with one man sexually.. my husband. I guess because of this, I naively thought that I was not at risk for any STDs. However, recently a pap smear came back positive for mild dysplasia (CIN1) and the HPV test came back positive for high-risk HPV (18 & 58 ).

I was completely shocked as I was told that HPV was transmitted sexually so I requested a STD test as well just in case and to my absolute horror, it came back negative for HSV-1 but positive for HSV-2. (IgG reactive at 4.96).

I have absolutely NO IDEA that I was infected with so many things as I have had absolutely no symptoms of anything. No pain. No itching. No redness. No sores. Nothing.

Neither has my husband.

I'm kinda feeling quite stigmatized now and absolutely worried because it really seems I am at an extraordinarily high risk of coming down with cervical cancer. :cry:

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Butterfly of the Moment

Hello, good thing that you get yearly pap smears. This ensures for the most part that your cells do not become abnormal and progress to full blown cancer. If they do become abnormal there are ways to remove those cells like the leep procedure. So as long as you get your yearly pap smears, you should be okay. Be as healthy as possible. A high percentage of woman who are sexually active have hpv so you are not alone. As far as having herpes goes about 40% or more of people do not have any symptoms and do not know they are carriers of the virus until they get tested.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Dee22
      @swagdaddy hey. First / second outbreak was horrendous. Had all of the above and was wmotionally distraught. The pain is the worst in the start and i had nerve pain fatigue , flu symptoms then i got flu and was sick for over two months. But then it passed. The anti virals help and definitely make sure u sleep and destress. How r u feeling ?
    • Miss Annie
      Also looks like my first outbreak... get tested
    • Thomas29
      I don’t know why I thought it was herpes tbh none of this itches burns or tingles? It’s going now tbh im in two separate minds @WilsoInAus could you help us out please you’ve got some knowledge with herpes 
    • Miss Annie
      I’m afraid to give it to someone even if we wear condoms. A boyfriend of mine gave it to me... never told me he had it. Relationship only lasted a few months after that. It’s been almost 3 years now. 
    • viralfrog
      Little update, I've upped the dose of Zinc to 100mg/days on rest days and 160mg/day for workout days. I also just came to Europe for holidays and I'm freezing in this weather (My body is used to tropical Thailand weather). The cold weather seems to strenghten my immunity somehow, as the OB is clearing off. I have experienced the same in the past - always on my trips to cold countries it seems to get better.  I wonder if hot weather could cause this? I do spend most of my time indoors with AC at 25 degrees celcius in Thailand though and always protect myself from the sun. 

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