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Why Do People Who Don't Believe In God or Want to Start Debates Respond


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...Or even click the Faith and Religion threads? It doesn't make any sense. And it's not just on here, it's most forums (threads) that or dedicated to Christians that isn't found on a completely Christian site. A lot of the times what people bring up or the negative responses don't even have much to do with the original thread's question, concern, or comment. Idk...I know it's not just me that this annoys. I don't even bother reading these things much if their not on a Christian site just because of this. But to God be the glory anyhow. I just thought I'd throw in my little rant (negative responses not needed because I'm almost sure I won't respond back- I don't debate certain topics under any circumstance, or deal with brilliant people who act ignorant by making nasty remarks without reason).

God Bless.

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Well, first of all, I'd be inclined to suggest that the "Keeping the Faith" forum is for discussion of herpes in relation to any or all faiths - not just Christianity. So some of the 'unrelated' traffic may just be people of other faiths wanting to share or learn information from another point of view.

However, negative/flaming comments are never necessary, though unfortunately there will always be those who feel it necessary to flame/bash/attempt to crush other peoples views for being different than their own regardless of how relevant what they have to say is to the original conversation.

I'm not sure what was said, as I do not generally read the forums dedicated to religious discussion - However, I feel it's important especially in areas that tend to bring up a lot of controversy due to differing beliefs, to take certain types of comments and attitudes from those you find negative with a grain of salt, while still keeping an open mind to the views and opinions of others.

I'm sorry you've experienced some negative comments to your faith and on the forums dedicated to it!

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I think it's one of those things that gets people all riled up. There are only a few topics that really make some people very upset, like religion and politics. It's kinda like how, even after the election this year, a friend of mine had her Obama sticker ripped off the back of her car. Really? It's HER car, HER opinion, and you felt that was necessary to express YOUR opinion? That made me mad, and i didn't even vote for the guy!

But there are only a few things that really get people heated. I think the religious discussion is one of them, and i think, just like politics, there are some people who feel it's their DUTY to "convert" as many people as they can, by any means necessary. It's a shame too, cause i'm more likely to "convert" after an honest, open debate than a slaughterfest.

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Hi Searching4Christ,

I can sympathize with how you feel, especially if your passion is Christianity and you have come to this forum section to speak openly with other Christians.

As some of our other members have pointed out, this section of the board is actually intended for all faiths, not just Christians, and everyone has a unique perspective on religion and spirituality which is why you will find responses that are both for and against your personal viewpoint.

If you want to speak with fellow Christians perhaps making a thread kindly asking for responses from Christians only will be most helpful to you.

Good luck, and I hope you meet some like-minded friends here to share in the discussions.


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This is a good question and I can understand your frustration and anger. However, as a few people have already mentioned this is a forum for all religious views. I am a self-proclaimed athiest, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about the role that religion could play in my life. I attended catholic church as a child, but as a young woman I made the (well thought out and researched) decision to no longer attend. I still think about religion and spirituality quite often and have listened for God on more than one occasion, but it is just one of those things that may not happen for me.

I understand that some people can behave ignorantly and some do say things that whould perhaps best be left unsaid and that is unfortunate. I think the reason that non-religious people respond to these kinds of posts because they have all had their own interaction with religion throughout their lives and they have opinions that they would like to share. Its not always easy for athiests to participate in religious forums as ignorance can work both ways.

I hope this put things in perspective for you! :)


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