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Can HSV-2 "pop" out below eyebrow?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and was reading through some posts. I found a response to a member that stated. . ."It is Extremely unlikely that you transferred hsv-2 from your genitals to your forehead..."

Here's some background and my question.

I have had hsv-2 for 29 years now. I have it pretty much under control -- only get couple of obs per year (if that) and have been using Valtrex when I feel them coming on. Last week I had what I thought was a bug bite below my eyebrow. Really didn't think much about it. Went to the eye doctors at a WalMart and remember saying after my exam because I was sweating so much on the metal machine, "boy I hope they sterilize these things between patients." That was on a Monday. On Tuesday I woke up with what I thought was an infected bug bite, but my lymph nodes became swollen, my eye was all swollen, but nothing in my eye. The swelling continued on Wednesday to under my eye, down the side of my face. On Thursday I went to my family practitioner who said it initially looked like an allergic reaction to spider bites, but once she looked closer said because of my history and the lymp node issue it looked like herpes. She said that it could just pop out in other parts of my body. She also said something about shingles and asked if I had been weeding or had been around poison ivy or poison oak. So she treated with for herpes and gave me an antibiotic in case the Valtrex didn't work.

After 29 years? And on my face? It doesn't make sense to me. I'm going through some of those same feelings that I went through 29 years ago. THe worst part for me at the moment is that it's visible and everyone asks the question, "what's wrong." I've kept this to myself and my husband for 29 years. I had two C-sections as to not affect my children. We have refrained from oral sex so we can kiss our children and now our grandchildren. (Sorry, on a pity-party for a moment.). . .

I started reading about self-innoculation. I had no outbreaks. I've been extremely cautious and careful for 29 years, how can this possibly be. Is it unlikely that HSV-2 can just spread to an area of the face -- below the eyebrow? Could I have actually self-innoculated without having an active ob? THe one time I itched the area was during the day at my grandson's birthday party. How could I have self-innoculated?

I plan on seeking a second opinion and having a culture taken -- my FP didn't take one. I'm not satisfied with my FP saying oh it just can pop out, and I can't understand how I self-innoculated.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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Okay, is it possible that you caught it orally when you caught it genitally, and just never had an outbreak? Or that your husband has hsv-1 and didn't know and just recently passed it to you?

I'm no doctor, but it actually sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to me. Did your doctor swab it? I have some kind of a metal allergy (I try to wear nickel-free earrings, though I'm told it can't be nickel I'm allergic to, but I do have better luck with those), but the last time I wore earrings that I shouldn't have (didn't know what was in them), my lymph nodes got very swollen.

Have you tried Benadryl and motrin? I should say, I took Benadryl for the earring thing, but it took forever for those lymph nodes to go down. They were so swollen I had lumps--you could see them--long after my ears seem to have recovered.

I would go see a dermatologist, if it doesn't go away soon.

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Thanks for the response. No HSV-1 ever by either of us -- no oral contact when first contracted. I have been taking Benadryl and motrin on top of Valtrex and antibiotic. It's drying up just like an ob and looks suspicious. That's exactly what I need to do is to have a swab taken. I'm going to try and get into someone tomorrow. Should have requested that last week! Thanks!

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If it is over a big area shingles is certainly possible and could be mistaken for herpes simplex. Also not sure if you both have actually been blood tested for HSV-1 or you simply dont believe you have it because you dont get cold sores.

I am surprised the doctor gave you a bunch of medication and did not even bother taking a swab for analysis.

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Went today and requested a swab. FP acted annoyed. She stated, "you know it could be shingles and just not be over a large area." Ok, well that's why I'm here, let's find out. I read quite a bit last night and found that HSV-2 can't just pop out unless it's in the same nerve area as the original OB. She still seems to think that it can just pop out where ever it wants to -- it's unpredictable. It's been pretty predictable for me the last 29 years. I guess the results will tell me a lot. Won't get them for 3-5 days.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Do you have some irritation or itching ?do you feel tired ?  If not your fine don't worry
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