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Coffee withdrawal!!!

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I have never been hooked on heroin or cocaine but I'll bet that kicking those drugs can't be as bad as kicking coffee. I love coffee. I have been a heavy coffee drinker. It is not good for me. I have TWO physical conditions that make drinking coffee a bad thing. And now I have been having herpes related UTIs. This last one was really painful.

The doc says I shouldn't drink coffee for a while. The truth is, I probably shouldn't drink it anyway due to my pancreatic condition.

Coffee is just plain bad for me. But I crave it. All the time.

I have been off it for almost a week now and the withdrawal symptoms (sleepiness, feelings of exhaustion, energy let downs, depressive feelings, headaches, mental fog etc etc etc.....) are driving me nuts. How can anyone get through this and work? And the job I am working on now requires a lot of alertness, mental acuity and quick decisions.

I'm a mess.

Anyone gone through coffee withdrawal? How long does it last? Any ideas for managing the symptoms or just living through them?

(No, I can't drink tea, either, the tannin is not good and the caffeine isn't good for me, either. Tea also seems to irritate the pancreas and bladder.)

I drive by all the Starbucks on my way to work (there are FIVE of the suckers and I have to pass them 5 mornings a week!) and go crazy. Sometimes I stop in for an herb tea but sometimes that is too depressing or tempting. I can drink mint tea or chamomile. But it's coffee I crave!

Will I ever get past this?

P.S. I have to confess this is not the first time I have tried to kick coffee. Sometimes I go for months without coffee but I always gravitate back to it.

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Are you able to drink any other warm beverages that may not have the same caffiene or tannin content?

Like maybe herbal teas (green tea? chamomile - unless it makes ya sleepy, that might defeat the process lol)? Or try fruit smoothies or something instead? I find when trying to stop something like that, if you can't gradually cut it down, sometimes replacing it with something healthier can help ease some of the symptoms and help you get over that hump.

Good luck! :)

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... Anyone gone through coffee withdrawal? How long does it last? Any ideas for managing the symptoms or just living through them?

... Sometimes I go for months without coffee but I always gravitate back to it.

Well, since everyone is different when it comes to these things, probably your own experience in the past will tell you what to expect. Once you are out a few weeks, it's all psychological.

But that doesn't mean the little voice in your head when you drive by all those Starbucks (“umm, coffee ...”) is a weak opponent.

Good luck.

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Oh Brainy

Youve been going through so much these past weeks/months, having to give up coffee must be like the icing on the cake.

While I have yet to give up coffee I can say as a recovering smoker I can relate to that insatiable itch to feed the beast.

I think drinking lots of water will go a long way toward helping flush your body and help keep you refreshed. I also think the herbal tea is a great suggestion...but am unclear as to how much tannin if any are in them.

White tea is said to be quite good actually. It contains less caffeine than regular tea and the tannins are mostly catechin which actually helps bolster the astringent properties of the tea in the first place.

Celestial Seasonings makes a great white tea called Perfectly Pear. It is very light has natural hints of vanilla and pear that make it great to drink hot or iced.

I hope this helps a bit and am sending you a hot steaming mug of positive vibes....drink up! :}

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Every time I'm tempted to start drinking coffee again, I remember the headaches from when I quit. And I was only on one small cup a day, so I'm sure the withdrawal is much worse for you.

Tea helps, even if it's non-caffeinated, just because it's a hot beverage, and you're so used to having a hot beverage in your routine. Even black tea (caffeinated) can help wean you off caffeine.

There also herbal coffee blends (non-caffeinated) - look up Teeccino.

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Have you thought of de-caffeinated coffee? I know it tastes nothing like the real stuff :rolleyes: but it might work - good luck

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Thanks, all...

I am drinking a lot of water and starting to feel a little better but there is still some brain fog.

Unfortunately, a lot of things seem to irritate my pancreas and bladder. Almost any form of tea seems to do it unless it's a non-caffeine non-tannin her tea like mint or chamomile which I have been drinking off and on. I may try a herb tea called mate because it does have a bit of caffeine but no irritants like tannins.

The truth is, I enjoy the taste of coffee and the caffeine; nothing really replaces it. I am hoping that if I hang in there, I will get to where I enjoy the herb tea and the water (and maybe some Postum?) more. But I doubt it!

Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words, they help.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Everydaypeople
      Hello.... hope this message finds you well... Pay attention to your diet , there's a young lady on YouTube called Laureen HD... follow her sh is awsome...  Doctors never told me about diet part of it... so peanuts and other junk food I love had me experiencing minor outbreaks which take forever to heal , I'm not on suppression med which I decided just to do... makes no sense to take 12 natural pills when u can take 1. ..  watch your coffee,  sugar and nuts intake ( no pun intended) The after care remedies are good.
    • Parkles
      oh gosh. ok. i need to prepare for the long haul it sounds like. thank you for responding!
    • Spinky
      Yes. I have had good experience with CBD oil over the past few months. Here is my "routine". When I notice the first signs of an outbreak, pop the blisters with a tissue, then apply 1 drop of 10% CBD oil rubbing it into the popped blisters for ten seconds or so. Then apply another drop twice a day (morning and evening) for as many days as needed.

      Healing shows progress even overnight. Usually the redness is gone within 1 or 2 days, and the blisters are tiny holes (hard to even see) within 2 to 3 days. Totally healed within 2 to 4 days.

      This has been the fastest healing of the many other approaches I have tried over the years.
    • Mrspinkk
      how did you accept it? I am so sorry. I'm crying all the time .. and it's been 7 months
    • Mrspinkk
      Ben 21 yaşındayım ve 7 ay önce herpes ile enfekte oldum. sevgilimden enfekte Herpes ağzında vardı, ama iyileşmişti ve bir oral seks yapmıştı. Bu enfekte. İkimizin de bir şoku vardı. Bu şekilde enfekte olduğunu bilmiyorduk. İlişkiye 7 ay geçti, ama cinsel organları bulaşmadı. Sürekli üzülüyorum ve bir saldırı geçiriyorum. Her gün ağlarım. hayatım mahvolmuş .. artık yaşamak istemiyorum. Bu gençlerle yıllarca nasıl yaşayacağımı bilmiyorum. Sadece ölmek ve ondan kurtulmak istiyorum Çok üzgünüm ve şanssızım .. Yazım hataları için üzgünüm çünkü bu bir antropoloji değil

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