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New and blue

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Hi everyone

I'm AmyAngell :oops:

This is my first time on a forum. I just want to talk to people who are in a similar situation to me sp we can help each other out and feel better about everything - I have HSV1 but in the genital area - I got from an ex's coldsore :( I think it's so easy to slip into being miserable and feeling sorry for myself and I don;t want that. I'm hoping that being on here I can make sense of everything and make some friends who understand how I feel. :-D


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hey girl..

Welcome to the site... if there's any questions you have .. let me know .. i'll try to help..

there's the livechat feature and i'm on a lot.. i work from home and so i'm usually online.. a hand full of us are really...

we get on and just talk.. sometimes about H.. other times just general life happening things...

join us sometime..

I hope that you have a good night!

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Hello and welcome

I am so glad you are taking a positive approach toward all of this. After all, it's really just a cold sore "downstairs," right? And one of these days there will be a vaccine and some better medical management of this stupid little virus.

I've had hsv2GH for 14 years. I am single, was a recluse for years because of herpes, and am completely out of the closet and open about it now. If we stand together, we can face off against the social stigma. And that little virus is nothing when the stigma is ignored.

Glad to have you here.

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