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Just Diagnosed - need advise on Lysine Food

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Hi - I am older and just diagnosed with #2. Angry? You bet. But as most things happen in life, you have to make the best of a situation. So as knowledge is the best tool, I have been combing the internet for actual facts in regards to proper diet. No one can agree on anything about Lysine to Arginine ratios. The only agreement I see is nuts, grains and dark chocolate are bad, Milk and Lamb (protien) is good. Other items such as soybeans, mung bean sprouts and corn, everyone has differing opinions. I have found a calorie count website that actually lists all the amino acid counts but even that may not be accurate.

Does anyone have a mostly proper list (not generalized) of what is good and bad. Also as a rule, I am assuming eveything in moderate is a good common sense rule and to ensure that the Lysine intake must outweigh the Arginine intake for the day or per meal? I am currently taking between 3 - 4 grams of Lysne supplement a day. No way do I want this re-occuring. Thanks!


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Everyone has a "trigger" it could be the type of food... alcohol... sex (the roughness)...

I have have only found that not being well lubericated during sex is my trigger...

Foods and beer or mixed drinks did nothing to me..

Stress can trigger an outbreak also... It's hard to prevent stres and many take up exercise for that...

I do take lysine to help with prevention and more during an outbreak.. I was taking 500mg a day and when I saw my first sore I went up to 1500mg. the next day my sore was gone.. I'm sure that wont be every time.. but i was happy about it..

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores