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Hallo to everybody.

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Hallo ...I'm a new one.

I got herpes in 2007 but I'm going to find out some "on-line support" only now.

Despiting the long time passed since the first Genital Hepres experience, still I feel often upset.

Still I do not have the courage to start any relationship with any girl ...I've often nervous pains ...and I try to use all my energy on the work place ...just to forget.

Well, I'm posting from Europe, male 36 y.o. and I found this forum very interesting.

Thank you in advance to all of you.

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Hi icks, welcome to the forum!

I hope you find some healing here. I know I felt better talking about everything, even if it was via internet. Now when I here someone say the word "herpes", I don't blush or cringe inside. It's been defused, which makes life feel more "normal" again.

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