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About 3-4 days ago I noticed some bumbs / redding that looked like chaffing on the shaft of my penis. I have been having a fair amount of sex the days prior. I thought it could be the early signs of herpes, but from what I have read on the internet I am not sure. I intended to go to the doctor but I would like to see how and if it cures itself in time. The redding has since gone down to a pinkish color. I never had the burning or lessions as the internet has stated. They do not appear to be have a blister or pimply pussy head. Do all herpes have to have puss? Do they all have to hurt? Do they have to spread? As I have not felt any pain in the last 3-4 days. It might have itched a few times but not out of the normal. Will herpes or can herpes go away in a few days time? What if the bumps never open and puss up? I have seen that it can take 2-4 weeks. I went to CVS and spoke to the pharmacist, I was going to use vitamin E but she gave me Lotrimin. I have since been applying that and Neosporin. I know that I should see a doctor but I was wondering if someone could offer their opinion, Any information that you can provide is appreciatted. Thank you for your time.

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Butterfly of the Moment

My suggestion to you would be to go to your doctor and get a blood test to see if you have herpes...your symptoms can be herpes....about 40% or more of people don't get symptoms at all or don't recognize them for herpes...some people like myself get typical outbreaks that look like coldsores except down there....some people get what looks like pimples, others get rashes, some just feel itchy and tingly on the genitals, it depends on the person.

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You need a medical assessment

The Internet is not a particularly good guide to what herpes looks like because only the worst cases can be photographed at all--most cases are so mild that it is hard to see them.

Most people with herpes have no symptoms. None. And many people have symptoms that are so mild they mistake them for something else.

There are two types of herpes tests and ideally you should get both; the swab test which must be done on the outbreak at the height of the outbreak to be accurate and the blood test which must be done at least 3 months from exposure to be accurate.

Herpes WILL go away; it's a chronic condition for which there is no cure but the outbreaks do heal. Some people who have an outbreak never get another one ever. So although it may go away, it is still in the body and can erupt again.

Get this straightened out at a clinic where doctors are familiar with STDs and ask specifically for a herpes test and insist on it because they will do everything they can to avoid diagnosing you. Remember, when they say they are giving you a "full STD screening" they do not include herpes tests in such tests and they will not tell you that.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Herpeguy562
      Give it a try and report back to us. It's pretty safe vaccine approved by the FDA.
    • Skye249
      Have you tried changing your GP surgery? A decent doctor must surely realise that having back to back outbreaks warrants long term suppressive medication.  Aciclovir is available at very low cost to the NHS. I'd be firm with your doctor in what you'd like to do and make it clear you are educated on the relevant issues.  Don't be ashamed to talk to your GP. It is confidential.  FYI - walk in sexual health clinics (separate health record) are only as allowed to dispense a limited amount on the basis of episodic treatments. 
    • WilsoInAus
      I agree, herpes doesn’t show up as discrete little dots like your pic.
    • HereAndNowLater
      @Kurdt01Thank you! Very validating! And yes many doctors are so uninformed and misinformed it's incredibly frustrating.  ur right in multiple forums I've seen commenters invalidate someone's experience with herpes which is so weird. There's a wealth of experiences similar to both of ours but people put their hands to their ears and drill home "herpes is just a minor rash outbreak, nothing more."
    • friendlyboy
      I got the zinc acetate from an pharmacy in my town, they can't sell reagents but I know the pharmacist. I cost me about 10 € a 50 gr bottle, enough for a decade at the current rate of consumtion. Otherwise it is quite easy to get, you can buy it from a laboratory or even in ebay. I apply the treatment on my glans about 2-3 times a week, I've never had any problem or adverse effect so far.

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