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OB every month!

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Hi! I'm new to these boards and just want to let you all know about my OB.

I was diagnosed in April 2004 and have had an OB every month since my first. I breakout when I have my period. I know I've only had this for 4 months but since I've had 4 OB's in 4 months I thought I'd list what has happened and hope that this helps anyone with questions.

I had symptoms literally 7 days after sexual intercourse. I felt like I had been "cut" down there and thought maybe I'd scratched myself somehow. The only weird thing was I had a watery, clear, no scent discharge. I thought I had a yeast infection cause I had had one the month before around the same time and it was my second month taking a new birth control. I blamed the birth control.

I went to the doctor and was told I had herpes (the cut was a leisure which was a blister). I also had a UTI and my period. No yeast infection. The doctor gave me Valtrex and that same night I was MISERABLE. I had a severe head/neck ache. I couldn't lift my arms above my head without being in pain. I was nautious, cold chills, broke out, wanted to do nothing but sleep. Just plain miserable.

The next day I was okay. Felt better but was broke out for about 2 weeks. After the 2 week break out I was fine with no other symptoms until May when I started my period and broke out again! I have had an OB every month since April 2009. I always break out during my periods and I always know I'm going to start cause my lower back KILLS me. My OB's usually only last a few days and aren't that bad. I haven't taken any meds since April. I tough it out.

If anyone has any questions I'll try to help and feel free to comment on my story if you like.


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La Femme


OMG I swear we are going through exactly the same thing. I have been having the same problem. Although I was diagnosed last year April with the virus, it was this May-August that I've had an OB. If it wasn't the antiboitics that weekend my immune system, its my period. My OB's manifests in tiny little cuts. Nothing to painful, but you now its there.

Anyways, I'm not on valtrex or anything like that, but I am trying to eat better and take 1000 mg of Lysine. We'll see how it goes.

Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!

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So, you take Lysine? What's that exactly? I don't take anything. I try to drink more water. I've been told to do that. I suck at eating healthy but I try. Lol.

Yeah, monthly OB's aren't fun. I wasn't sure if it was my period bringing it on or not. It's the only thing I can think of cause I have broke out during my period every month. I guess it makes sense cause my period definitely brings my body down.

Also, what type of herpe do you have? I have hsv-2. I know someone who has hsv-1 and her OB's are "cuts". She gets so dry down there that her skin cracks and cuts. She got it from receiving oral. I get the blisters.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not only one! lol :)

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La Femme

Sorry for the delay. Haven't been on in a while. Mine are like cuts too. More like a little bump with a small cut. No blisters no fluid nada...

I have type 1 and type 2...go figure never knew i had the oral herpes.

Last i posted i stated that i was having another one, but it didn't happen full fledged. Guess that was a flare up or something.

they say that the make up of the herpes virus containe argine (which is an ingredient located in chocolate, wheat oats..all the good stuff). Lysine helps to balance out Arginine (dunno if thats the correct spelling). But this thing is an immune system booster so I dont get sick. It wasn't very expensive. Bought it at vitacost.com for like 12 bucks..

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If you have OBs during your period, have you thought about getting on the BC pill that you take for 3 months straight? At least that would theoretically limit the OBs to 4 times a year as opposed to once a month, if your periods are truly the cause. Just a suggestion. Also, I was told by my GYN that you can take any BC pill straight for 3 months. Just start the new pack instead of taking the pills at the end of a regular 1 month pack. I am currently doing that with a new pill they put me on. Good luck!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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