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protected but still at risk?

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i've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years and we havent had sex, but we do want to... he knows that i have genital herpes (for 3 years) and is good about it, but i was wondering if there are solid statisics on the chances of passing it on that can make us both more comfortable about it? i take L-Lyisine 1000mg every day, have a very healthy diet and have very few outbreaks, none very recent. between using a condom and the fact that the virus may not even be present (i have found from my reaserch there are only a few days a year when there is unoticed viral shedding?) what are the chances of this being passed on? are there solid statistics/numbers on it?

we both realize we wont be together forever, but he does want children someday, with whoever he ends up with, and i dont want to jeopardize that in any way. i love him and need to know he is safe.

thanks so much for any advice and information :)

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