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I was told that the virus could live on unbroken skin (arm, leg...) for approximatley 10 to 20 minutes. Is this correct? I do believe that it can not live this long on unbroken skin. As to my understanding, it dies quickly. I take that as dies in seconds not minutes.

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The short answer is that there are no studies on this except for one which experimented the HSV beng alive in perfect conditions for 4 hours. But remember this is in perfect conditions with the right amount of temperature, humidity and with no air drying the virus. In real life the virus dies very quickly and has been confirmed by someone from Medhelp who worked in a lab and apparently the virus was lost from the STD clinic to the lab. They are very fragile. Even so they survive on the skin, they wll still need to be rubbed in if not the air will kill it. And if lets say they apparently have been rubbed in somehow, there are so many immune system defences to protect an infection.Its not an easy walk for the virus, but if the virus manages to make it to the nerves then it becomes permanet but before that it has to get through an efficient defence system. You will need a concentration of alot of virus to overwhelm the immune system.

This question is something like HIV, even in perfect laboratory conditions the virus can live for hours. But that is the laboratory not real life. If the HIV virus could live for long there would have definately been some cases of infection by using the washroom for example. But there are none, because in the real life the virus dies very quickly.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Nietzsche
      Anyone heard of this research before? Dutch professor promoted in September 2017 on it and had some interesting results on patients with severe HSV1 symptoms. (last alinea) "Healing severe cold sore
      Arts achieved a remarkable success in research into three patients with a herpes infection. An infection with a herpes virus is common and leads to, for example, a cold sore. In the three patients, the symptoms were much heavier with ulcers throughout the face. Genetic research yielded three different genetic defects, but functional research showed that all three patients had a shortage of the antibody interferon gamma (IFN-γ). This explained the severe symptoms. A treatment in which the shortage of IFN-γ was abolished, caused the symptoms to disappear like snow in the sun for all three patients." (its in Dutch but you can translate by right clicking) 
      https://www.radboudumc.nl/nieuws/2017/exoom-verklapt-oorzaak-afweerstoornis "Immunologic defects in severe mucocutaneous HSV-2 infections: Response to IFN-γ therapy"
    • honey120
      Which video dear
    • Mrspinkk
      If it works for shingles, I think it is beneficial in herpes. I do not want to lose hope. Do you have any idea how we can reach you?   If it works for shingles, I think it is beneficial in herpes. I do not want to lose hope. Do you have any idea how we can reach you?
    • Number212
      Do you have some irritation or itching ?do you feel tired ?  If not your fine don't worry
    • f*ckedOver

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