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the wait

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hey everyone. i just had a blood test taken today for hsv. (and also for white blood cell counts.) i think the wait is harder to deal with than the results themselves!

i've read through quite a bit of information here, and i completely understand that with or without this infection, life is still life. it's good to know there are medications and lifestyle changes that can really help the immune system. i'm trying to stay positive while waiting. and i know i am blessed, because my fiance is so supportive and tells me he loves me no matter what the outcome.

so my story is that i've been dealing with recurrent yeast infections as of late, and my lymph nodes have been very tender and swollen. i don't have any lesions or sores, just redness and itchiness. my fiance and i have been monogomous for about five years now, but we do both get cold sores. and i know it is possible to spread through oral to genital contact. (my fiance has no symptoms genitally, just me.)

my one concern with the blood test is that if i already get cold sores, that'll show up on the test. if hsv1 and 2 can occur on the mouth and the genitals, i don't understand how they can be sure it's a genital infection when it could be either.

however, my results are not ready yet, so i'm just trying to stay positive. (and ignore the irrational, gripping fear that keeps creeping up.) no matter the outcome, i won't be losing anything. aside from the the stress of waiting!

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Waiting is the worst!

I feel for you. Uncertainty is sometimes worse than whatever you find out.

The blood test is accurate if given at least 3 months after exposure. So you might want to take another one in a few months just to be sure.

The only way to know where you have it, upstairs or downstairs, is to have an outbreak. Generally, hsv1 is the upstairs kind and hsv2 is the downstairs kind. A blood test can show which one you are positive for but cannot show where it occurs unless it does occur as an outbreak. Cold sores are nearly always hsv1.

I am so glad to know your fiance is being so decent about this. That is wonderful and a great encouragement for those on this board who fear that no one could ever love them with hsv.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores