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ok, just a lil info please

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so wondering if anybody knows:

if i am infected with hsv1 on my penis, could i get with a girl who has it on her lip without getting it on my lip and vise versa with her vagina? if we cant then what happens when one of us has an outbreak then has sex with the other? will the other person have an outbreak but in the place they are infected? weird questions i know know but just wonderin'. thanks

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Yes you can have sex without spreading the virus

There is always a chance that you could give her genital herpes and she could give you oral herpes. However, using common sense, suppressive meds and condoms you can lessen the chances to really low numbers.

There are plenty of statistics on this site that can tell you the chances of transmission using various methods I described above.

From my personal experience, I have this 'gift' any years and have never passed it along. When I am dating someone I take 400mg of acyclovir and 1000mg of lysine a day. However, everyone is different so even with this suppressive therapy I realize I can still pass it along.

Good luck!


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JBnATL, he was asking about if they have the same type, not just in general...

If she has the same type as you, even if it's in a different location, generally you cannot "pass it back and forth," so to speak. So she won't re-catch it somewhere else and you won't re-catch it somewhere else.

There are a couple of exceptions--if either of you are having an outbreak, or if one of you has a very recent infection (just a couple of months). Then it may be possible.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Herpeguy562
      Give it a try and report back to us. It's pretty safe vaccine approved by the FDA.
    • Skye249
      Have you tried changing your GP surgery? A decent doctor must surely realise that having back to back outbreaks warrants long term suppressive medication.  Aciclovir is available at very low cost to the NHS. I'd be firm with your doctor in what you'd like to do and make it clear you are educated on the relevant issues.  Don't be ashamed to talk to your GP. It is confidential.  FYI - walk in sexual health clinics (separate health record) are only as allowed to dispense a limited amount on the basis of episodic treatments. 
    • WilsoInAus
      I agree, herpes doesn’t show up as discrete little dots like your pic.
    • HereAndNowLater
      @Kurdt01Thank you! Very validating! And yes many doctors are so uninformed and misinformed it's incredibly frustrating.  ur right in multiple forums I've seen commenters invalidate someone's experience with herpes which is so weird. There's a wealth of experiences similar to both of ours but people put their hands to their ears and drill home "herpes is just a minor rash outbreak, nothing more."
    • friendlyboy
      I got the zinc acetate from an pharmacy in my town, they can't sell reagents but I know the pharmacist. I cost me about 10 € a 50 gr bottle, enough for a decade at the current rate of consumtion. Otherwise it is quite easy to get, you can buy it from a laboratory or even in ebay. I apply the treatment on my glans about 2-3 times a week, I've never had any problem or adverse effect so far.

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