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Damn It. I Don't Even Know What To Say

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I enlisted in the military and was in d.e.p. I found out that I have H a couple days before I shipped so i had to get my date pushed back. Now Opps is trying to deny my wavier to join the Marine Corps. I'm so damn pissed. This isn't fair!! They have let a man join before with it. WTF. It feels like they see me as disabled. I'm still the same woman as before. Still active and able to perform any task given to me. Damn it though. I just feel so much anger. Who do I talk to? They saythere is no point in talking to the guy who is head of the Opps and I can't get a doctors visit. I feel helpless. Unfair. I'm going to push my way into the damn corps. I know my recruiter is trying his hardest but F that I'm gonna get my stuff through.

Even though I feel helpless and lost I need to stay strong. My mom now says I messed up my future and career so she is no help anymore. She seems to want more of the pitty. I don't want anyones pitty! I just want to leave. My best friend and boyfriend beleive I can do it still and are just as confused with this. My bestfriend has told me that a female had it in her platoon.

I determine my future, not some guy who doesn't know me or seen me. They need to change their processing and let the applicants explain and defend their case.

I'm so scared.

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If you know for a FACT that a man was allowed to join and serve while infected with herpes, couldn't you use that as a legal precedent for discrimination against you as a female? It would require documentation of material (his medical information) that may be next to impossible to obtain, and accessing the services of an attorney, though.

One other thing to consider.... IF you see this thing through and get into the Corps, your life will be an uphill battle all the way. It's difficult enough for a female, but add to that a female with herpes, who muscled her way via legal means or however... well, that's a misery cocktail, if you ask me.

Whatever route you take, I wish you well. If you want it bad enough, it's worth fighting for. Good luck.

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I had H1 upstairs and downstairs for four years before I went into the Navy. There must be another reason they are delaying you. Are you going overseas? H didn't prevent me from doing my duty and serving my country for 7 years. They are discriminating against you if they try to keep you from the military based on the results of your blood tests. Not only that...if ANYONE finds out that you have this, you have grounds to sue based on HPPA (?) (I work for a personal injury attorney, you would think I'd know how to spell that. heh) Anyway...hang in there.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Everydaypeople
      Hello.... hope this message finds you well... Pay attention to your diet , there's a young lady on YouTube called Laureen HD... follow her sh is awsome...  Doctors never told me about diet part of it... so peanuts and other junk food I love had me experiencing minor outbreaks which take forever to heal , I'm not on suppression med which I decided just to do... makes no sense to take 12 natural pills when u can take 1. ..  watch your coffee,  sugar and nuts intake ( no pun intended) The after care remedies are good.
    • Parkles
      oh gosh. ok. i need to prepare for the long haul it sounds like. thank you for responding!
    • Spinky
      Yes. I have had good experience with CBD oil over the past few months. Here is my "routine". When I notice the first signs of an outbreak, pop the blisters with a tissue, then apply 1 drop of 10% CBD oil rubbing it into the popped blisters for ten seconds or so. Then apply another drop twice a day (morning and evening) for as many days as needed.

      Healing shows progress even overnight. Usually the redness is gone within 1 or 2 days, and the blisters are tiny holes (hard to even see) within 2 to 3 days. Totally healed within 2 to 4 days.

      This has been the fastest healing of the many other approaches I have tried over the years.
    • Mrspinkk
      how did you accept it? I am so sorry. I'm crying all the time .. and it's been 7 months
    • Mrspinkk
      Ben 21 yaşındayım ve 7 ay önce herpes ile enfekte oldum. sevgilimden enfekte Herpes ağzında vardı, ama iyileşmişti ve bir oral seks yapmıştı. Bu enfekte. İkimizin de bir şoku vardı. Bu şekilde enfekte olduğunu bilmiyorduk. İlişkiye 7 ay geçti, ama cinsel organları bulaşmadı. Sürekli üzülüyorum ve bir saldırı geçiriyorum. Her gün ağlarım. hayatım mahvolmuş .. artık yaşamak istemiyorum. Bu gençlerle yıllarca nasıl yaşayacağımı bilmiyorum. Sadece ölmek ve ondan kurtulmak istiyorum Çok üzgünüm ve şanssızım .. Yazım hataları için üzgünüm çünkü bu bir antropoloji değil

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