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This summer has been nothing but sicknesses. I got a cold in June and when I started to get better, I had a herpes outbreak. Then, in July I got the flu (probably swine) and at least I had enough acyclovir left to take while I had the flu. It minimized the outbreak that I had.

Finally, I took a trip to see family and had a nice 8 hour flight with a sick girl to sit next to. She gave me a bad cold and I'm currently on the trip with the cold. Well, the morning after I stopped having fevers, I woke up nice and refreshed and looked in the mirror. There were 4 small blisters getting ready to coalesce under my lower lip and one small blister above my upper lip.

I'm tired of getting sick and I'm tired of cold sores. I intend to fortify my immune system with good food, exercise and less stress once I'm over this cold and cold sores. I'm going to shun all people with the cold and flu and avoid them like the devil. Yet, I'll probably get sick again. For me, living without stress means being a boring emotionless person. I hate it. People think I'm calm and boring.

I usually get maybe two outbreaks a year that coincide with a cold/flu or stressful exams: one before winter and one after spring. Yet, I have 3 fun outbreaks all in one summer. I'm tired of taking medicine for episodic treatment. I've just run out of acyclovir so I don't know what I'll do for my next outbreak.

This has actually been my first summer ever trying anti-viral medication. I know it's not right, but I got 40 pills of 400mg acyclovir from my mom who has cold sores but doesn't get them much anymore. She also gave me about 12 pills of 125mg famvir. I don't have health insurance right now, and I was considering seeing a free clinic or pay to see an urgent care doctor just to get a prescription for acyclovir. However, I believe that I'm done with medication.

I hate colds, flu, and cold sores...

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What a vicious cycle you're caught up in. Do you take Vitamin C? I start popping it like crazy if I'm ever around someone with a cold or flu. I've shared glasses, eaten after them, shared the bottles of wine they drank to drown their misery and still managed to avoid getting sick. But Vitamin C is very acidic, so since getting herpes I pair it with lysine, echinacea or other immune system-boosting supplements. I take many times the recommended dose of Vitamin C whenever someone sick is around, which is not unhealthy if you only do it for a couple of days.

I've had a lot of success with using garlic and various supplements to prevent outbreaks or hurry them along, so if you're done with medication you might look into those. I dislike taking pills but a lot of these supplements also come in the form of chewable tablets and tinctures. Lemon balm is supposed to be especially effective at preventing outbreaks. There are some really delicious alcohol-free tinctures and both those and the ones containing alcohol can be mixed with water, tea or whatever to cover up the taste.

It's the lazy way out but I've been able to prevent outbreaks and avoided having to make any changes to my diet or exercise regimen (which is..pretty much non-existent these days) by taking these supplements.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      hi i think someone mentioned l-lysine helped with this..
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