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OBs after sex

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Hi everyone,

So as some of you know, I was diagnosed about a month ago, had my first OB, yada yada.

Since my first OB, I have had sex 2 times with my also-positive bf. He is also new on the scene to herpes...we don't know who gave it to whom but haven't spent time playing the blame game or worrying about it.

Anyway, both times we've done it, we've both gotten a bit itchy/sore the day after (using a condom) and I had a full-on second OB after the first time. Now I am feeling itchy again.

Is there a "waiting period" to have sex after your first OB and after each individual OB to ensure that this doesn't happen?

We both work high-stress jobs and should probably reform some of our habits, such as getting more sleep and drinking less. But anyway, I don't want to have an OB every time we have sex! That sucks!

TIA to anyone who can help.

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