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outbreak symptoms vs. cold symptoms

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I was diagnosed with herpes the first week in January (great way to start off the new year right?), so I'm getting a little better at knowing when an outbreak is coming. I know my triggers are alcohol and getting my period. I know the regular symptoms are flu like: aches, fatigue, maybe a little lightheadedness, and just overall feeling like sh*t. I have no way of preventing the OBs because I'm not on meds. I do have a homemade herbal ointment I use to help it heal faster...it may just be a placebo effect. But I'd like to think it's helping at least a little.

I don't drink much anymore (since "I know better") so I can depend on getting an outbreak at least once a month these days. HOWEVER, this past weekend a few friends were in town and we partied like nobody's business...massive drinking, no sleep, a lot of running around, and to add insult to injury, on sunday I went to a soccer game in 97 degree heat..I got heat exhaustion. Before this weekend I knew what I was up against so I took some Lycine and ointment with me hoping it would do something.

Now to the point: the past few days I've been feeling pretty sick. I don't have the usual symptoms per se. I felt a tingle earlier on in the weekend which is when I started applying the ointment. But I could not differentiate the soreness from overall exhaustion from walking miles and miles all day. I also have some discharge (sorry if tmi) but..to be honest, those issues are pretty regular for me (my body hates me). Also, my throat aches/burns, my ears are burning, and my head is THROBBING. I mean I feel like an accordion replaced my brain and someone has been playing it non-stop since saturday night. It's horrible and it won't go away--I almost fall every time I stand up. I've been sucking cough drops, taking advil, drinking like a fiend, sleeping half the day and NOTHING is working.

so I need your advice. does anyone think this is herpes related? because I've had no sores pop up at all and usually they would have come by now. my symptoms only last a day or two before I see a sore. or should I go to the doctor to see if it's something else? my parents don't really believe I'm sick because other than those symptoms I'm fine. they don't know about the h so I can't exactly tell them and get their advice. sorry to be so long winded. just a little concerned that my symptoms aren't going away :(

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores