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Test results bring no answers

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Hi. Im a 25 yr old female. I just got my test results back from what I guess would be called a swab test? It was for a 12 day bout of pain and irritation - the first time i had ever experienced something like this.

I already have been diagnosed with HSV-1 oral for 5 years.

I already have been diagnosed with HSV-2 genital for almost a year and a half.

My HSV-2 has proved to be insignificant (Thank God) in terms of symptoms. Im pretty asymptomatic.

Since my HSV-2 diagnosis, I have not had sex. That is, until a recent episode of oral sex. 6 days later, I woke up with a lot of vaginal pain, which sent me in to the dr. (5 days into symptoms) to get tested. The dr. saw irritation and tiny bumps inside, but she said it did not look like herpes.

The test results came back negative for everything (including both types of herpes).

The pain and symptoms lasted 11-12 days and then subsided on their own.

So now Im really confused. I feel like it was related to receiving oral sex (which I never do)...and Ive always been really sensitive to it (to the point that I don't like receiving it much).

But this was like nothing else. Does anyone have experience with false negatives from swab tests?

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Does anyone have experience with false negatives from swab tests?

False negatives are common with swab tests b/c there is only a limited window during which the swab will pick up live virus. In your case, 5 days into symptoms, the swab was probably done too late.

Since you know you already have GH, maybe it was an OB triggered by stress or by some mild infection of something else that you got from oral sex? Or maybe it was a new, non-herpes infection of some kind?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • floydmonk
      I had my first outbreak in June, very close to the date of your post. I healed up before the end of the month and it was about as many as you mentioned. I have gHSV1. The test was done on the left under the head of my penis because I had mostly healed by the time I made it to the doctor. There has been pain ever since in that one spot, but there hasn’t been any outbreaks. There are visible red spots that seem to linger forever. I’m a little concerned about this. Overall I’m lu it it is bite type 2 and I am doing my best to manage it. I hope you are doing well also since June. My wife and I (who I think I got it from) use condoms to prevent her from contracting it genitally. It’s a much more serious problem for women than men, as it can be internal for them and affect childbirth. Condoms are critical until a cure comes around, and there looks to be promising research. Hope you are well.    
    • floydmonk
      I have been suffering from nerve pain after my first outbreak in June. Today I tried a charlotte’s web salve product and it took the pain away. I wouldn’t use it during an active outbreak though for risk of spreading it.
    • Quest
      Unfortunately that is the most common place men get infected!
    • Quest
      They are not the yardstick that you measure your worth with! It also tells you something about each and every one of them! To the ones you treated you well before I would personally talk to them and see if that was actually what he said to them? Maybe he said something different?
    • AnonF
      I just disclosed to a man who works in the medical field and he didn't make a big deal at all. He shared his sti results w me I didn't see HSV1 on the test report, so I asked him about it and that opened up the discussion. The discussion of it was maybe 2 sentences tops. That was reassuring. We've since had sex and there was no hesitation or weirdness. So I recommend dating people w medical knowledge

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