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am i having a breakout on my lips?

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I got hsv 1 genitally from someone who had it orally, ive only ever had outbreaks genitally, and recently my lips have hard spots, like hard flakes, if i pick it then i get a red spot, is this herpes related?

(ps i got two zits right at the edge of the same lip, and im assuming there zits, i dont usually get zits there, or have an acne problem)

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Sounds like dermatitis to me. Go see a dermatologist if you can. Doesn't sound like herpes at all. But be careful, just cuz you have it genitally doesn't mean you can't get it orally. You may be safe tho, being you already have antibodies. Dang this herpes is a shady character. Always hiding and changing face.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • JaySee009
      What was the comment? I don't see it on their official Facebook Given the recent news that Crispr can result in all sorts of erroneous cuts when double strand breaks are involved, I'm surprised to hear they still believe they will run trials in a few months. The FDA recently blocked ex vivo crispr trials, I can't imagine them letting in vivo trials move forward given the recent reports
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      hi i think someone mentioned l-lysine helped with this..
    • LovedAnyway
      How do you get in touch with a Moderator for this site? I am being bullied, unbelievably, on a support site.  I can't just let it go because it is happening to other people too.  
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      For the last time, my name is not Jay.  My name is Amy.  I am not telling you my last name.  I am a woman, not a man.  I've reported all of your rude comments to me and asked an Admin to prove to you that I am not Jay.  You are really pissing me off.  I'm pretty sure Spinky is in the same group on FB for meningitis and he can vouch for me.  Now get a life and leave me alone!!!!
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      Ronald, could you please stop with the capital letters; it's annoying to read.

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