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Acyclovir & Lysine?

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I have had hsv-2 for 5 months and have had OB's every month since I was diagnosed. I finally gave in and asked my OBGYN for medication. She called me in a prescription for Acyclovir. I am wondering if this is something I can take forever, monthly? Or, do I only take it when I think I'm going to have an OB?

I have 1 bottle of the Acyclovir and 2 refills. Since I've had an OB every month I'm sure I'll refill it both times. Also, I've read about Lysine. I see that it's an over-the-counter vitamin. I read online that if you're broke out to take 1000mg 3 times per day and if you have reoccurring OB's to take 1000mg everyday 1 time a day.

Is anyone taking either of these and do they work? I am going to go ahead and take the Acyclovir but haven't made up my minda bout the Lysine.

My questions are:

-Can I take Acyclovir all the time or is it just for OB moments?

-Has anyone taken either pill and do they work?

-If anyone has taken Lysine, did you take it regularly and did it prevent OB's from happening often?

Any help would be wonderful! :)


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A lot of people take daily doses of acyclovir - either as Valtrex or Famvir or generic. And I think most of us here take lysine too. Lysine can be taken daily with your acyclovir.

Ask your doctor for a daily dose of meds. I have a feeling that your doc will mention this after your intial outbreak is over and that can take a while. Taking a daily dose is recommended if your are sexually active but it is a small dose and most docs will increase the dosage during an outbreak.

Lysine seems to work. I have maybe one or two outbreaks a year.

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That's awesome. Thanks. I'm glad I found this site. I probably wouldn't have taken anything! :)

Thanks so much. Monthly OB's are getting old! :-P

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Definitely take Lysine daily. I never used the bottle of meds my dr rx'd.

Bewteen meals, I just take 1,000 mg of lysine with 1,000 mg of C w/biolflavanoids three times daily, and never again had problems. Sometimes, I just take 1,500 mg twice daily, for simplicity.

Just dont think that 500 mg or even 1000 mg is going to do the trick (of keeping outbreaks away). Most people seem to benefit from the larger doses mentioned.

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Welcome to the club

Hi, there is plenty of good information on this site about taking these drugs daily. Click on the link to the right "What is Lysine".

Lysine is an amino acid and not a vitamin. It helps prevents outbreaks but cannot do anything once you have one. That is what acyclovir is for it is an antiviral and kills the virus.

The thinking of taking both acyclovir and lysine daily is to both help prevent the virus from replicating and killing it immediately once it does.

Are your outbreaks unbearable? If not, you may want to skip meds and let your body develop its own immune system to it. You have only had it 5 months. Most people as the get older find they have fewer and shorter out breaks because of their own body's defense to it.

I have had this virus many years and it has been years since my last out break. However when I am dating someone I take 400 mg Acyclovir and 1000mg lysine daily just to be extra careful.

Good luck!


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They are not necessarily "unbearable" but I could certainly live w/o them.

I breakout for about 3 days and it hurts more when I pee/wipe more than any other time. The main thing is my lower back and butt. It is definitely unbearable. I know I'm going to breakout because of my back. It kills it. It has a burning sensation and I can barely walk the first couple days of the back pain.

Yes, I've had it for 5 months. I am just willing to do almost anything to stop them.

I am not sure what to do. I really don't want to wait it out. I mean if I should I will but it's not what I want to do.


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Go to the vitamin store right away and get started on the L-Lysine and C. You will be VERY glad you did.

I had the worst case of outbreaks of anyone I know, for many years ongoing, and it stopped them immediately and completely.

I take 3,000 mg of L-Lysine daily (Solgar brand is the one I use but other major brands are fine, too) in two divided doses (three capsules per dose). I prefer the vegetable cellulose capsules (not tablets with binders, etc.)

I also take 3,000 mg (three capsules) of 'Super Bio C Buffered' by Solaray (other major brands are just fine, also) with bioflavonoids, rutin, and hespertin.

Both of the above are vegetable capsules and I get them at the local Vitamin Shoppe but other stores vitamin sections may carry them as well.

I take the first dose (1,500 mg of each) right after I get up in the morning, about an hour before I eat breakfast. You can wait a couple of hours after breakfast if you prefer. I take the second dose two-three hours after lunch. I do not take them right before bed because the Lysine does tend to disrupt sleep for some people (it did me, also).

I do not think a lower dosage works well for many people.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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