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Am I being too paranoid?

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I have had one sexual partner who I have gone "all the way with" the only sexual thing I have ever done with anyone other than her was a BJ at a party. This is the BJ that I got GHSV-1 from. I had all the symptoms. Got really sick about 2 weeks after. Found the sore. Got it swabbed and was tested for everything else. And found out I have GHSV-1. The last few days I have been paranoid like crazy that I might have HIV. I know this is a herpes forum but I thought I would post anyways. Is it possible I could have HIV from the BJ? I was tested for HIV but it takes a while for it to show up right? I have lost a little weight since then (used to be around 170ish now I'm 160ish) But I have changed my diet with H (quit drinking soda, eating fast food) I get sores in my mouth a lot and that is a sign of HIV and I have had constant OBs since my diagnosis even while on suppressive. I also have a sore on the under side of my penis that is a long red line that runs the length of the underside of my penis that wont go away. I heard a linear line like this is a sign of HIV. Am I being paranoid or could I seriously have it?

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It sounds like your just worrying.. it's not likely that you have HIV.. but if you're worried go get tested..

Herpes does lower your immune system and that's why they say your more at risk for infection... I really think you're fine..

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You're worried that you could have gotten it from the saliva in the girl's mouth? Am I correct? If that is the worry here you do NOT need to worry about that. Although traces of hiv can be found in saliva, its not enough to transmit. There are also certain enzymes in our saliva which make it a very inhospitable place for the virus to live. You need to have a certain amount of the virus enter into your blood stream for there to be any real risk of infection. Also, the chances of this girl actually having hiv are quite low, unless you know for sure that she is in a high-risk group. I did a quick google search and actually saw that there has not been one documented case of a person contracting it after receiving oral sex from an infected person.

I convinced myself after my herpes diagnosis that I had hiv. Convinced I can also spout out many symptoms that I had, although almost 1 year and 4 tests later its been shown that I do NOT have it.

Everyone will at some point exhibit some of the symptoms of hiv. Just like we will all at some point exhibit symptoms of other diseases. Also, the symptoms of hiv are the signs of a weakened immune system, so of course if you're stressed/tired/anxious you're going to exhibit these same symptoms. Also, as lizabeth kind of mentioned, your body is becoming adjusted to a new virus, you will notice things.

Do NOT symptoms surf or you will find ways to freak yourself out. Many many people do this and have done this in the past who are completely fine. You're just coming to terms with your herpes diagnosis and are shaken up and anxious, totally understandable.

Maybe tell your doctor that its causing you a lot of anxiety and ask for the rapid test, it looks for the actual virus in your system and is not dependent on antibodies. That way you wont be able to keep worrying up until the 3 month mark.

Honestly, worries over hiv caused me as much if not even more pain than dealing with my actual diagnosis of herpes. If I could do anything I would go back in time and really tell myself to chill out. Its a waste of your worries.

That being said, I know what its like. So pm me if you're EVER having an anxious moment about this, I'd be happy to talk.

You're fine ;) I'm sure any tests you do will prove that.

Oh, also, the time frame for antibody development is generally very exaggerated, the majority of people would show a positive within a few weeks to a month.

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There is no way you have HIV, in all of medical literature there is are few documented cases of it occurring and no indisputable cases (where no other act had happened). Basically almost universally it is believed the risk of catching HIV from oral sex is near zero.

That said if you want to calm your fears wait about 6-12wks since the sex act and

get an HIV test they are only 20 bucks from most places and many places offer them free.

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Thanks maybe I am being a little too paranoid about it. I think I'll still get tested though. I also gave her oral at the party too. And I think I have a weird rash on my upper arms.

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    • valleynovascotia
      Any advice on on how i can change the way she thinks of her insecurities in the event I ever see her again or hang out with her or do you guys think that it's better too just walk away. The truth is though i never met another girl like her before and she was fine with me having herpes i could tell by the she reacted too it . How do you change the way someone views them self that has low self esteem. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Note @Asr624 that an IgM result does not confirm a herpes diagnosis. Was the rash swabbed as well?
    • LiveLife100
      Yes it's entirely possible that he didn't know and just now gave it to you. I've been with my husband almost 19 years and he was recently tested and is still negative. It's still possible of course that I could give it to him at any point. Sounds like you have a strong marriage and there is no reason this needs to be an issue other than a minor annoyance. I have 2 healthy children and have had no related medical issues due to HSV.
    • Hellothere123
      I have been with him and didn’t tell him and now I can’t tell him because I know it would ruin any chance of reconciliation. I don’t want to live with this and I don’t want to live without him 
    • Asr624
      I am so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that. Praying for you. 

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