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Can I still eat carbs????

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I used to be a college athlete and now that I am not I still love to go to the gym and work out and stay in shape, and for this reason it is like I NEED to eat carbs because they provide your body with energy. My brother in law majored in nutrition and physical education and he says that your body needs carbs to function otherwise it will mess with your metabolism and slow it down drastically.

But I know that carbs are high in arginine... the bad bad thing for people with H. So... any advice for what I should do...

Can I keep eating carbs here and there and incorporate something into my diet that will even out arginine and lysine?

Or should I just cut carbs out all together and see if I become OB free for a while?

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Foods affect people differently

I have found that I can eat pretty much anything I want without triggering an out break. So you might want to experiment to see what foods, if any, trigger out breaks for you.

And definitely get Lysine supplement pills. I have been taking it for years with no side affects.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores