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Hello every1, if there is really some1 out there!?:(

I am a South African. I've been diagosed with Herpes a few months ago. I did not know anything about the disease until I went to the doctor and was told I've got it. I'm still trying to know what this all means. Am I ruined for life coz I get outbreaks every month and I've been using Famvir for the past 6 months and the doctors tell me there is no cure for this, that I should start taking it every day. Then I did my research on the internet and found this web site whilst I was looking for other medication out there. I've just received my order for Lysine, Combined Formula, does this stuff really work??????????? I'm desparate



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Welcome to the club!

Hi Dayday, your life is not 'ruined' because of this if you do not want it to be.

I have had this virus many years and it means nothing to me. I live the life I want and have never been rejected because of it.

Read the articles on this site. The more you know the more you will realize how insignificant this virus is.

Come join us in the Live Chat room. There are some really nice people in there. There you will find other people you who live normal lives.

I hope to see you there soon!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • LovedAnyway
      For the last time, my name is not Jay.  My name is Amy.  I am not telling you my last name.  I am a woman, not a man.  I've reported all of your rude comments to me and asked an Admin to prove to you that I am not Jay.  You are really pissing me off.  I'm pretty sure Spinky is in the same group on FB for meningitis and he can vouch for me.  Now get a life and leave me alone!!!!
    • Cas9
      Ronald, could you please stop with the capital letters; it's annoying to read.
    • Vjay
      Hello I have similar symptoms as you. Most prominent is burning after urination. It is more while sitting.  It is not possible because of herps as it is a virus which causes symptoms in a cycle and never continuously as reported in your case and also the frequency decreases over time.   Kindly post here for further discussion as i am still trying to figure out what it can be.
    • 27Vet
      Coffee has argnine properties.  I get outbreaks from drinking caffeine or decaf.  I have since stayed away as I recognize my triggers.
    • Atrapasueños
      h today I woke up with an injury in my pelvis sorry for the resolution of the photo I had to lower

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