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Help I have become a Vampire! I can't go in the sun-Anyone else?

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Bright directly sunlight even with 45 ZINC on face and 50 sunblock all over body will cause an outbreak. First I feel my chest get itchy, and later comes the butt pain, then frequency of urinating, and itchy lips. By the next day I could possibly have welts in my inner thigh area and a outbreak on my lips. Happens everytime like clock work. I have tried to beat it by not going in the sun at all. It is a bit crazy, but I really don't go outside except if I am in the shadows of the trees/forest wo walk my dog until after 7 at night. I only accept invitations to go on the water with my friends if I know they are going out in the evening. I turn down all beach trips except one I cannot avoid with work soon. I also turn down everytime my buddy asks me to go to the pool.

I wonder should I just live in constant pain and outbreaks and just go out and do what I want and feel sick all the time? Or live like a vampire? I take supplements every day, supressive Famvir, and now natraxone. I hope it will decrease and give my immune system the ability to handle stressors like the sun. Right now I have another outbreak because I didn't sleep well last night.


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People develope sun allergies even without having hsv. I've mentioned this to you in other posts though.

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I have that much trouble with the sun but it is not related to hsv.

I am a redhead with ultra-pale skin, no freckles. I hardly dare go outside in summer. When I do I am wearing long sleeves and covered in factor 50. I try to stay indoors until evening. Unfortunately it isn't even herpes-related, it is my skin type so I will always have to live with it.

Sorry to hear about your trigger problems. Most of my triggers are diet related, so I suppose that is lucky. I miss chocolate desperately though :(

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I have recently just had my first experience with the Sun in Greece and it was horrific. The clinic that I go to said that this is a trigger amongst some people they encounter on a frequent basis.

However I did go to Cambodia about a year ago and that was scorching and had no outbreak.

The difference I can account for between the two holidays was that I didnt go swimming and sit around warm and damp for hours- so it could have been a factor. Anyway Im no expert the clinic did say to me that I am still in the early stages after 18 months and triggers will decrease over time.

Best of Luck

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      hi i think someone mentioned l-lysine helped with this..
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