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charles schwabb

possible std, detailed symptoms inside

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charles schwabb

Greetings forum!

OK, so here we go. I was with a woman and had unprotected sex. Stupid, yes I know. So, 3 weeks go by and I get a PAINFUL bump on my penis, by the base. I freak out, and wait a few days. It becomes a large pimple/whitehead/blister, the size of a pea. It pops, and is filled with a little pus (sorry here, gotta be thorough). I squeeze it out, and get a small white "granule", similar to a whitehead. However, the pimple doesnt quite heal. There is an irregular spot, where it looks as if the top layer of skin is just missing. Its about half the size of a pea, and not round, sorta ragged around the edges. It is shiny and wet looking (still slightly raised), and a dab of a tissue will pull a white/red/pink spot off it. its not like leaking fluid, but is constantly moist. I freak out and think its a chancre, or gumma, or whatever medical term you wanna call it and go to my doctor.

She sees me and looks at it, and says it doesnt look like an std to her. As far as she can tell its just a pimple that broke open and isnt healing quite right. She said it prolly wasnt herpes cause there was only one large bump. She has me do bloodwork and a urine test. In the mean time, the bump resolves itself after I'd say a week start to finish, maybe 2 or 3 days after it popped. I get my results back and I was negative for hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. Apparently thats all she ordered.

Everything seems normal. Now, two weeks later, I notice AGAIN a bump on my penis. This time, not filled with fluid, just sorta a noticible, slightly painful bump up near to the head (still on the shaft). Almost seems like a spider bite, wide, about as wide around as a pea, but not fluid filled and much lower than the other (not raised). Well, I unfortunately noticed this after mastrubating and noticing it hurt. I rubbed it raw, and it seemed red and slightly traumatized (guys know, sometimes when you get going you'll rub though some skin every so often). Now it has the exact same pattern that my first bump/pimple did. it seems shiny, and irregular, and almost as if the top layer of skin is missing on a small patch in the middle of the bump. its not leaking, but isnt really scabbing up (been maybe 12 hours so far.) I don't know if it matters but my lower ribs hurt when I take a deep breath, that seems to be new to me (but I think im just freaking out...maybe)

I'm confused. The fact that it isnt healing immediately brings to my mind the worst fears. However, there are a few facts that have me confused:

1.) my tests for hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis all came back negative

2.) Dr seemed to not worry

3.) These incidents happened back to back, within weeks of each other. That doesnt match most symptoms I've heard.

4.) This woman has had sex with my friend (long story) both once 5 months before, and for several months immediately after I did. Both of them have claimed to see no symptoms to date.

So what do you guys think? I tend to not think herpes. The "sores" don't itch, they're just generally painful to touch/rub. Also, these "sores" seem to come with only one bump, and the bumps were of different natures. One was like a whitehead, the other was like a spiderbite. Also my tests/Dr's visual diagnosis says I'm fine. Do I just have poorly healing skin on the penis? Like I said, I'm just worried about the fact that these arent immediately scabbing up, I feel like most non-std sores do.

Does this sound like anything contagious? Anyone know of anything to match the symptoms to? If I gonfor another test, I'd like to have a few ideas to tell them to check for.


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K well no one over here can tell you for sure. But I'm not sure why your doctor tested you for chlamydia, gonorrhea and hep c, as I dont think any of those would cause lesions.

Many doctors are very unwilling to give a herpes diagnosis. Herpes can certainly be only one bump. However, it would usually itch. I would go back if you have an open sore as soon as possible and ask for a swab. These swabs can also return as false negative so you could ask for a blood test to look for herpes antibodies. However, antibody development can take up to 3 months. (Although usually only takes a few weeks)

I'm not sure if it could just be irritation or something else, Im not a guy and I donno what else can go on down there. I guess my advice would be to be persistent with your doctor, tell her you are having recurrent symptoms and that you want some answers. If she wont help you then go to a clinic or find another doc. Otherwise you'll just keep wondering about this.

Best of luck with everything, I hope you can get some answers soon!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Everydaypeople
      Hello.... hope this message finds you well... Pay attention to your diet , there's a young lady on YouTube called Laureen HD... follow her sh is awsome...  Doctors never told me about diet part of it... so peanuts and other junk food I love had me experiencing minor outbreaks which take forever to heal , I'm not on suppression med which I decided just to do... makes no sense to take 12 natural pills when u can take 1. ..  watch your coffee,  sugar and nuts intake ( no pun intended) The after care remedies are good.
    • Parkles
      oh gosh. ok. i need to prepare for the long haul it sounds like. thank you for responding!
    • Spinky
      Yes. I have had good experience with CBD oil over the past few months. Here is my "routine". When I notice the first signs of an outbreak, pop the blisters with a tissue, then apply 1 drop of 10% CBD oil rubbing it into the popped blisters for ten seconds or so. Then apply another drop twice a day (morning and evening) for as many days as needed.

      Healing shows progress even overnight. Usually the redness is gone within 1 or 2 days, and the blisters are tiny holes (hard to even see) within 2 to 3 days. Totally healed within 2 to 4 days.

      This has been the fastest healing of the many other approaches I have tried over the years.
    • Mrspinkk
      how did you accept it? I am so sorry. I'm crying all the time .. and it's been 7 months
    • Mrspinkk
      Ben 21 yaşındayım ve 7 ay önce herpes ile enfekte oldum. sevgilimden enfekte Herpes ağzında vardı, ama iyileşmişti ve bir oral seks yapmıştı. Bu enfekte. İkimizin de bir şoku vardı. Bu şekilde enfekte olduğunu bilmiyorduk. İlişkiye 7 ay geçti, ama cinsel organları bulaşmadı. Sürekli üzülüyorum ve bir saldırı geçiriyorum. Her gün ağlarım. hayatım mahvolmuş .. artık yaşamak istemiyorum. Bu gençlerle yıllarca nasıl yaşayacağımı bilmiyorum. Sadece ölmek ve ondan kurtulmak istiyorum Çok üzgünüm ve şanssızım .. Yazım hataları için üzgünüm çünkü bu bir antropoloji değil

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