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charles schwabb

possible std, detailed symptoms inside

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charles schwabb

Greetings forum!

OK, so here we go. I was with a woman and had unprotected sex. Stupid, yes I know. So, 3 weeks go by and I get a PAINFUL bump on my penis, by the base. I freak out, and wait a few days. It becomes a large pimple/whitehead/blister, the size of a pea. It pops, and is filled with a little pus (sorry here, gotta be thorough). I squeeze it out, and get a small white "granule", similar to a whitehead. However, the pimple doesnt quite heal. There is an irregular spot, where it looks as if the top layer of skin is just missing. Its about half the size of a pea, and not round, sorta ragged around the edges. It is shiny and wet looking (still slightly raised), and a dab of a tissue will pull a white/red/pink spot off it. its not like leaking fluid, but is constantly moist. I freak out and think its a chancre, or gumma, or whatever medical term you wanna call it and go to my doctor.

She sees me and looks at it, and says it doesnt look like an std to her. As far as she can tell its just a pimple that broke open and isnt healing quite right. She said it prolly wasnt herpes cause there was only one large bump. She has me do bloodwork and a urine test. In the mean time, the bump resolves itself after I'd say a week start to finish, maybe 2 or 3 days after it popped. I get my results back and I was negative for hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. Apparently thats all she ordered.

Everything seems normal. Now, two weeks later, I notice AGAIN a bump on my penis. This time, not filled with fluid, just sorta a noticible, slightly painful bump up near to the head (still on the shaft). Almost seems like a spider bite, wide, about as wide around as a pea, but not fluid filled and much lower than the other (not raised). Well, I unfortunately noticed this after mastrubating and noticing it hurt. I rubbed it raw, and it seemed red and slightly traumatized (guys know, sometimes when you get going you'll rub though some skin every so often). Now it has the exact same pattern that my first bump/pimple did. it seems shiny, and irregular, and almost as if the top layer of skin is missing on a small patch in the middle of the bump. its not leaking, but isnt really scabbing up (been maybe 12 hours so far.) I don't know if it matters but my lower ribs hurt when I take a deep breath, that seems to be new to me (but I think im just freaking out...maybe)

I'm confused. The fact that it isnt healing immediately brings to my mind the worst fears. However, there are a few facts that have me confused:

1.) my tests for hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis all came back negative

2.) Dr seemed to not worry

3.) These incidents happened back to back, within weeks of each other. That doesnt match most symptoms I've heard.

4.) This woman has had sex with my friend (long story) both once 5 months before, and for several months immediately after I did. Both of them have claimed to see no symptoms to date.

So what do you guys think? I tend to not think herpes. The "sores" don't itch, they're just generally painful to touch/rub. Also, these "sores" seem to come with only one bump, and the bumps were of different natures. One was like a whitehead, the other was like a spiderbite. Also my tests/Dr's visual diagnosis says I'm fine. Do I just have poorly healing skin on the penis? Like I said, I'm just worried about the fact that these arent immediately scabbing up, I feel like most non-std sores do.

Does this sound like anything contagious? Anyone know of anything to match the symptoms to? If I gonfor another test, I'd like to have a few ideas to tell them to check for.


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K well no one over here can tell you for sure. But I'm not sure why your doctor tested you for chlamydia, gonorrhea and hep c, as I dont think any of those would cause lesions.

Many doctors are very unwilling to give a herpes diagnosis. Herpes can certainly be only one bump. However, it would usually itch. I would go back if you have an open sore as soon as possible and ask for a swab. These swabs can also return as false negative so you could ask for a blood test to look for herpes antibodies. However, antibody development can take up to 3 months. (Although usually only takes a few weeks)

I'm not sure if it could just be irritation or something else, Im not a guy and I donno what else can go on down there. I guess my advice would be to be persistent with your doctor, tell her you are having recurrent symptoms and that you want some answers. If she wont help you then go to a clinic or find another doc. Otherwise you'll just keep wondering about this.

Best of luck with everything, I hope you can get some answers soon!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • rareangel
      You really need to slow down or stop with your fear mongering. You are not deep in things of this nature as I am and we know the bottlenecks we face everytime we offer proof of what we have achieved as naturopaths. We are often rejected right at the door but does that stop us? Those who manage to accept us end up declaring what we do ineffective but later turn around and synthesize what we provided and began using it themselves simply because they believe they are more scientific than we are.   Much of conventional medicine was derived from nature and that should let you know that nature already holds most of the answers to our health but if anyone can easily get help from nature, then where is the money in it for big pharma? Diet alone does not handle hsv. I included a diet plan in my response to you but besides that, there is also the remedy which is most important. (This should let you know that I know what I am doing and saying) I did not come to this forum to play cloaks and daggers with anyone but to genuinely help. You should sound more encouraging and not judgemental. Hsv isn't a life sentence as many have been made to believe.
    • rareangel
      Thank you for posting our email conversation and also thank you for proving what I said about the mindset of people toward naturopaths especially when you suggested I could be a millionaire if I approached a scientific body.    If unscientific people such as you can easily be this judgemental and bigoted, how then do you think the truly scientific ones can be? Hsv is not as difficult as it is made to look. Indeed no illness is with the right treatment all illnesses that do not require surgery are easy. I run my own tests and have treated my own patients and have my own proofs. Surely you wouldn't expect me to forgo a patient confidentiality clause and release information on my patients to just about everybody do you?   If you were my patient would you want me to splash your details all over the web so anyone can have access to it?   People are afraid of what they do not understand so I understand your position and mindset but try not to label people from your position of insecurity. Not all of us are insecure.
    • Roja
      I am judgemental with people who try to take advantage of thousands of people, yes. Because I am sure some of them believe what you say and spend their savings in your "cure". And btw, I am a big fan of natural remedies. I believe that diet is one of the best ways to handle the virus. But I am also aware of the fact that it is up to now not possible to "delete" the virus. Maybe big pharma is trying to hide something, yes, but I don't think every single doctor and medical professional is lying to us. These people are professionals, they studied the human body for years. Do you really think all the doctors around the world would hide a "cure" like this for money?
    • Roja
      So you did not "just join this group".    So yeah, for everyone who is interested, I'll copy your e-mail:  "Good morning [name], The treatment for hsv from me lasts for a minimum of 3 months. The sequence of treatments goes thus 1) month 1 takes care of every symptom of hsv 2 you would ordinarily experience prior to or during an outbreak such as itchy/tingling sensation, feverish feelings and water retaining breakouts. 2) month 2 is the full body flush also done with one of my remedies which is pleasant tasting and calming to the body. This dislodges the virus from whatever nerve endings it has gone into and causes a weakening of the cell membrane in its envelope stage. 3) month 3 is a repeat of month one plus extra. The virus is killed off after the once impossible to penetrate cell membrane had been weakened and breached by the flush. Virus dies and patient at this stage would feel totally renewed and refreshed and free. Patient may experience an outbreak during the course of treatment which is expected but the appearance of the outbreak would prove patient is on track and doing well because the outbreak would be totally different from what used to be as I guarantee, no feverish feelings, no itch or tingling and no water retention in any rash that may appear. By the time we are done you can say goodbye to any form of breakouts be they stress triggered or not as you test negative. My remedy has zero side effects and works like a charm. Cost for each months treatment stands at $380. Patient has the option of running a monthly treatment thus paying monthly or paying for the entire 3 months and receiving all the remedies for the entire 3 months with directions on how to prepare them and the dose to take per time. Patient would also be required to keep in touch with me thus providing me with updates regarding progress reports so I can know if there is need to increase the dosage or leave it as it is. A diet plan would also be provided for the patient during the course of treatment. Long story short, I will work with patient for the entire 3 months of treatment up to the point of testing negative. Good morning once again. [Name]" So: 1) Not even one scientific proof. How should anyone believe your clients are "negative" if you can't prove?  2) 380 x 3 = 1140 $ for something that has no scientific proof at all AND moreover for something that up to now is IMPOSSIBLE. "This dislodges the virus from whatever nerve endings it has gone." Come on, that is impossible, as well as killing HSV from anyone's blood!  Again, you are a scam. And I feel so sad for all these desperate people who pay you a minimum of 1140$ for a treatment that doesn't work. 
    • rareangel
      The rule here says you should not be judgemental and you are already judgemental.   We are communicating via email and you got my permission to post whatever we discuss via email on this forum and I just sent you your first detailed reply and you are yet to post it here yet you have already labelled me a scam.  Do you now see why I said earlier that we naturopath's get the short end of the stick from skeptics like you?   I suggest you make amends to your post and stop being in a hurry to label everyone you see.

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