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Sores in Vagina

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If you get sores in your vagina, how long does it normally take them to heal, and does the redness go away entirely after they're healed? And what does it look like when they're healing? I know they don't "scab over" since it's a moist environment, but do they look different?

I still have redness/irritation (but no visible sores anymore) in the entrance to my vagina, and it has been three weeks since I first noticed symptoms, and I've already taken a full course of acyclovir. So I was just long will it take this to heal??

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Hey there, the time it takes to heal depends on the person...for me it took almost 2 weeks for my first outbreak and i took acyclovir. I'm having my second outbreak and it's taking a little over a week. Some people on here I've seen have had an outbreak for 3 weeks to 5 weeks. After your first outbreak the ones you will have in the future if you get them SHOULD be shorter but may not be. I'm sorry if this doesn't help very much but you should know that over time your symptoms should be less intense and heal faster.

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    • Seeker1960
      Hi DBT, The virus infects the sacral ganglia which are your nerves in that area you describe your burning. I have burning butt also as part of the gift that keeps giving.
    • Prettypony
      I am so sorry this has happened to you. Welcome to this site. It has made a huge difference first me in how I deal with/accept this diagnosis. In my opinion, it does look like herpes but I can't say with %100 certainty.  No way of knowing for sure until the results come back  I did have a slight discharge with my first outbreak but yours may be from a STI. Again you can't be sure until your results come back. No matter what, you have come to the right place. We are here to support you and help you in any way we can. 
    • lana123
      I was diagnosed with herpes after finding a fluid filled painful lesion on my vulva a few months ago. The doctor advised it will clear on it's own, and i have not had any other outbreaks since then, I recently went to the doctor because i was having pain during deep-penetration intercourse, and abdominal pain. The gynecologist looked at my cervix and advised me that i have (herpes) lesions on my uterus. She then removed the lesions to send to the lab. I'm still waiting on the results, It's been over a week now and i am worried that it could be pre-cancerous lesions.. Has anyone had herpes that turned into cervical cancer?
    • Nora1987
      Any update with your child?
    • K_Sock
      Sorry. The shitty thing about email/text is that he might ghost you.. If you think that's a possibility then he is a douche and you should wait to do it in person as you deserve the closure..
    • K_Sock
      Oh, and I kinda think email/text may be best in this case...I think that mediun will ensure you're both more logical than emotional. .. Up to you of course... The most logical scenario is that he gave this to you... He might not know he has it,but I expect he has ignored some symptoms and it will make sense that he has it once you reach out... Hopefully he is a good guy..If he reacts defensively, blames you or is dismissive then more likely than not it's never gonna work out as he's a douche... Unless he TRULY didn't know (no symptoms at all, ever- very very unlikely) then he certainly owes you an apology and an explanation..
    • viixv 

      click that link to view the image ^ everything is blocked out but the spot(s) I need help identifying. The photo is tilted, but the spot on the top right of the image is on the left side of my labia (the photo is also flipped) 

      I was sexually assaulted almost two weeks ago and now I have whatever this is. And whatever it is keeps changing every single day. I at first thought I had a UTI, then I thought I had a STI. four days ago, I had no bumps at all, just one tiny open sore that looked identical to a cold sore that you get on the inside of your lip. the next day, it got smaller but a second one showed up. the next day, they both got smaller and then I had those bumps around the one, except they were all very red, today they look like this. I also am having a milky white colored discharge 24/7 since I thought i had the STI, except the consistency of the discharge is literally like water. 

      I went to the doctors yesterday an have to wait up to 3 days for results, but any insight beforehand would sort of ease my mind sense the doctor never said "this is what I think it could be". Based on how it looks I'm assuming it's just going to end up being herpes, but I don't fit all the symptoms (which I read is normal) but sense I feel it's going to be herpes, I felt this site would be helpful to me.
    • K_Sock
      @jude Definitely tricky, but I think it sounds best to reach out with something like; "There's been something I've been meaning to tell you.. After we hooked up I did experience symptoms and you should get tested for HSV.I would really like to talk about it when you're comfortable." This doesn't sound accusatory but it suggests you think you got it from him.. If he does have HSV and knows it then he will likely not be to offended to respond..and should reach out somewhat apologetically and be concerned with your well-being firstly. If he does have hsv but truly doesn't know it (rare) then he will hopefully still show some empathy for you but will be much more focused on getting tested..and possibly even express negative sentiment towards you for putting him at risk.  People are unpredictable, but I think the above message is the most likely to start the right kind of dialogue one way or another.
    • K_Sock
      I think 'disagree' was the wrong word... You each have your own preferences that are each just as valid as the other.. Ultimately both hinge on the same thing - respect & honesty.
    • Beached4life
      I have had chronic BV and yeast infections since HSV 2 diagnosis last fall. I'm now starting to piece the two together! This really helps. Yesterday was the first time I noticed an "internal" outbreak. On my period and my vagina is so swollen I can barely fit a tampon. Very painful to touch inside and out. I'm wondering if I've been having internal outbreaks for months and just not realizing it-- hence the BV and yeast to boot.    Been doing probiotics and peroxide, but haven't tried your mixture. I will attempt to alleviate these symptoms. It sucks!!! I miss being young, pure, and perfect in those lady parts let me tell you. 
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