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Sores in Vagina

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If you get sores in your vagina, how long does it normally take them to heal, and does the redness go away entirely after they're healed? And what does it look like when they're healing? I know they don't "scab over" since it's a moist environment, but do they look different?

I still have redness/irritation (but no visible sores anymore) in the entrance to my vagina, and it has been three weeks since I first noticed symptoms, and I've already taken a full course of acyclovir. So I was just long will it take this to heal??

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Hey there, the time it takes to heal depends on the person...for me it took almost 2 weeks for my first outbreak and i took acyclovir. I'm having my second outbreak and it's taking a little over a week. Some people on here I've seen have had an outbreak for 3 weeks to 5 weeks. After your first outbreak the ones you will have in the future if you get them SHOULD be shorter but may not be. I'm sorry if this doesn't help very much but you should know that over time your symptoms should be less intense and heal faster.

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    • Jessica A
      I hate to read this. I was just diagnosed last Monday. This past couple of weeks has been hell from the outbreak, finally healed. Would hate to think it will happen again as soon as I'm off antibiotics. Does anyone know if you can get antibiotics from the health department? I have no insurance, was diagnosed at the ER. 
    • Whoreallyknows
      @MistressRaina, that was so nice to read. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have an extreme down moment. It was so refreshing! I even told a friend of had it without getting worked up...I had a little liquid courage. But I told her some of the facts and she said oh I had no idea about any of that! And I just want to make sure my friends can learn from my experience. If I can keep them from getting this through what little I know, I'd be so happy. Hoping today is a good day too. So far, it is.  I'm a new event planner and yesterday I planned my first reception following a funeral for 125 people...that made my day! Go figure haha
    • SoManyEmotions
      How can HSV-2 testing not be a standard part of STD testing? That is just insane. I was reading the CDC website as well as various medical websites and their reasoning is absolutely ridiculous. In one breath they claim that it would be too traumatic to the people who get a false positive, and in another, they claim oh its not really a big deal like Chlamydia or other STDs. They also say that there is no evidence that asymptomatic people would change their behavior. What a load of BS. Let me tell you this virus is no joke, I've felt horrible for 2 months. I've been having constant headaches and depression. If someone cares enough to get tested, they deserve to know what they could pass on to sexual partners even if they don't have the symptoms. I, nor she, had any choice in the matter because of idiotic doctors. Do they even care about the spread of this disease? With there being so many asymptomatic carriers, for it not to be a standard part of STD testing (regardless of symptoms being shown) is medical malpractice.
    • edcoop
      hopefully it will be offered in Singapore/Malaysia region. Any idea if Dr. Halford plan to bring this vaccine to this part of the world? 
    • Sanguine108
      Immune cells have receptors that go around detecting if cells are of the self or not/foreign/pathogenic.   The HSV membrane has surface proteins that make it difficult for the immune cells to detect. ..until it's too late.   ICP0, and other genes (can't totally remember), code for surface proteins that make the virion slippery (perhaps).   So instead of a teflon coated HSV going around, removing ICP0 makes nicks or open windows on the virion surface for the immune cells to bind to it.     Just like w CRISPR and the whole latency deal, the latent viral DNA is tightly bound up and physically unreachable by the CRISPR.   So ICP0 is one contributing factor in physically evading the immune system's binding/detection of it. Depends on what your standards of a cure are.   Some would say "functional" cure.    ...But I think all these therapeutic vaccines are worthless.   It will be great for some people but others may not have as good of results.   And the person still has HSV, a chronic viral infection.  Only now, they've given their immune system a heads up on what's going on.  But there's still viral DNA producing copies of itself.  AND if the vaccine recipient stays up all night, partying, stresses themselves out --> cortisol levels go up --->cortisol is the antichrist of the immune system and basically shuts it down ----> downregulation of immune system then hsv isn't as suppressed, regardless of whether your body better knows what it looks like. A cure is something that removes the viral DNA along with its influence on the body.  Right now, CRISPR is the only thing that's being studied that can hold the title of 'potential' cure.
    • Stupidandcareless
      My boyfriend recently got his test results that he's hsv1 positive but negative for hsv2. He assumes his ex has hsv2, but he is basing that solely on the fact that it was genital and when he asked her what type it was she told him none of his business since they aren't married anymore.  I got my results today and I'm negative for both hsv1 and hsv2. Is there anyway for us to find out where he has hsv1? He said he's never had any genital symptoms but also doesn't remember ever having a cold sore either  Realized I never finished my question. Is one location easier to spread than the other? I don't know if we should assume he has it both locations and take the necessary precautions? I guess I'm just sad that if we don't know where it is we can't have any sexual contact without protection. He can't perform oral on me or sex without risking giving it to me genitally and I can't give him oral without risking it orally. 
    • My Ria
      Hi, I was recently diagnosed and am going through all the same emotions i see here.  I was married to an individual who suffers from Anti Social personality disorder for 34 years since the age of 17.  Needles to say it was not a walk in the park.  I have had no relations with him since October 2014.  In april/may and june I was intimate with someone i have known for many years, the condom broke.  I started to get symptoms in June and went to GYN thinking it was a yeast infection (I had been taking antibiotics for a sinus infection) I had also gotten a wax 2 days earlier and just thought it was a combination of things.  I was shocked when the doctor said it looked like herpes and he did a swab and blood work (positive), my question is, is there any way to tell if it was a recent infection or something that was dormant?? when i left the psychopath I got tested, didnt know then that Herpes was not part of STD testing. I would really appreciate an input on this, I have my lab test results..which im confused by also hsv 1 igm screen    positive hsv 2 igm screen    positive hsv 1 igm titer         1:20 hsv 2 igm titer          1:80 hsv 1 igg AB herpesselect    1.63 hsv culture     isolated hsv type 2       isolated all my doctor said is you have herpes and gave me a script for valtrex (i know I will be looking for a new GYN) im not sure what type I just confused, can someone please help me with this?    
    • cantdoit
      Hell froze over.  Gotta go with Lisa on this.  Let a person make a decision about their health.  The choice I was not given.
    • cantdoit
      Does this mean it can possibly be considered a cure?
    • cantdoit
      Is it possible that Halford's therapeutic could be considered a cure? Depending on his results, is there any possibility it could reduce shedding enough say 90 percent and eliminate ob's that it could be considerd as such?  I've read where it's been said that he will have the best results.  Thoughts?
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