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I just received blood test results from planned parenthood. They are:

Herpes AB Type 2 IGG 0.02 Negative (less than 0.90)

The blood was drawn 7-8 weeks (or more) after suspected exposure and pain in my genital region. I have a few questions:

1) What type of test was conducted?

2) What test should I follow this up with to help confirm the results (and when should I take it)?

I am very confused. I still am having very painful symptoms that come in and out. I am on my fourth doctor and am having trouble receiving adequate care. My symptoms and situation are below:

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend for several months. I later found out she had been sleeping around and broke up with her. About two weeks after the break up I had what felt like chafing around the head of my penis--specifically the corona--hat doesn't go away. The redness remains as very small cell-sized bumps that don't go away but don't leak. The become more red due to touch.

I also have a tightness in my bladder region, which leads to my peeing several times a night and losing sleep. Five weeks later, I am still waking up at night to go pee, sometimes in a cold sweat.

The head of my penis is slightly inflamed and pink and my urethra is tender after peeing. I have tested negative for UTIs, Chlamydia, Ghonorrea, and the usual suspects. There have been no blisters or leaking to swab for herpes, but I have more or less continual pain.

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The IGG blood test is supposed to be the more accurate of the herpes blood tests. However, it can take up to 12 weeks for the antibodies to show up in a blood test. Therefore, this test could be a false negative. I would wait at least another 4 or 5 weeks before being tested again. If that test comes back negative, then you should assume it is not herpes. If you are still having symptoms after that, perhaps consult a urologist to try to get to the bottom of the cause.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • friendlyboy
      Almost certainly that is not herpes. There are a number of diseases that can cause your symptoms, not all of them infectious. If you haven't done so already, go see a doctor as soon as you can.
    • friendlyboy
      Seems likely that you had an asymptomatic infection and now you are having very mild recurrences. Asymptomatic infection is by far the most common case, in particular for HSV1 positive people. It could be a genital reinfection with HSV1, unlikely, or most likely a new HSV2 infection, there is no way to tell without a blood test. It's been long enough for an IGG test but don't bother testing for HSV1, you can already assume you are positive and have been for most of your life. I don't know about how it is where you live, but where I live I don't need to ask any doctor to get tested, I can just go into a clinical lab and order the test for €40. If your test returns negative for HSV2, don't worry about putting her at any risk regarding HSV1, she will have the same risk from anyone else. Acyclovir cream won't do any good, you should stop it (it increases the risk of getting an acyclovir resistant strain). Otherwise, your recurrences are so mild and far apart that it isn't worth it to do any treatment for now, so don't be scared about your health, chances are it'll get better with time. AND ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM
    • lvlvlv4
      Doing a little research, it seems that Amenamevir  and Pritelivir are definitely not chemically identical. How similar are these drugs really? 
    • RHP10003
      I have been working out regularly after being diagnosed in may with ghsv1.  First 3 weeks were awful but haven’t had any OB, symptoms at all since.  I also haven’t been eating as healthy as I should be.  Feel like I never had it. Hope it stays this way.  I think working out helps.  Just my view so far. 
    • lvlvlv4
      Based on current HIV treatment, I would imagine they will create a one-pill combo of pritelivir and valtrex and sell it as a daily pill. But once a week pritelivir + valtrex might also work in the meantime. 

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