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HSV-1 Genital Area

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Confronted my ex-bf last night. He admitted to having oral HSV-1 after I started questioning him... and when I told him I got HSV-1 in the genital area from him (very painful/ raw/ just plain torture) he just said, "Everyone has it" and shrugged it off...not really taking ownership or any sympathy for the pain I have gone thru/and am still going thru. So I'm just feeling alone and confused.

I need to understand how that works. If he had oral and now I have genital, can I get it on my lip area too? What's really the difference between type 1 and type 2, if they are both painful and type 2 is usually in the genital area?

and just a little info: He was my bf for 9 months and I never saw him with a OB... ever. So did he kiss me and the virus reacted down there, or was it from fooling around under the sheets?



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Me too!!

I really can't answer your questions, but I want you to know, my bf is the exact same way, Shayna told me that if you got genital herpes from his oral herpes, than he most likely won't have an outbreak. I also got it the same way you did, its like he loves you right, and you love him, but he doesn't give a shit about herpes. It makes me want to cry now, I'm mad, and hate that he'll most likely never have a genital OB, and he'll never have any sympathy, or ever know what it feels like. I want to die now...my bf won't talk about it at all. He says "forget about it, everyone has it" same thing your bf said, poor you, poor me, poor all of us...

I totally understand what you're going through...me and my bf aren't even talking at the moment...I have so much sympathy for you. We're paying for their mistake, my bf didn't even tell me he had HSV, I had to find out painfully, and take care of it myself. My bf is old enough to friggin know that HSV-1 causes GHSV-1. I'm only 17 and barely ever had sex (nevermind unprotected!!), and I have genital herpes!! I'm feel so bad for all of us!! Sex should be innocent, and consequence free(unless they are good things, like babies, only when you want one). Its us who have it now, that should be responsible, not like our Givers, be cautious, and don't make someone else go what we're going through...Oh, its such a pain in the ass (herpes)! :)

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Hi smiles, ex sounds like a douche and am glad to hear about you breaking up with him.

The main difference between HSV1 and HSV2 are sites of preference. HSV2 "prefers" the genitals and HSV1 oral region, so in general, HSV2 will tend to manifest more severely in the genitals and HSV1 in oral. Of course this also varies from person to person.

In short, you can get either strain in either location, so it's possible for you to autoinnoculate yourself in the lip area. However, the virus stays semi-near where infection occurs - so you won't develop oral sores automatically, you will develop them if you physically transfer viral particles from your genitals to your lips. Just wash your hands with soap and water whenever you touch the infected area or any fluids from that area and your lips should be safe (and don't use the same razor for the infected area as other areas and such).

Your chances of autoinnoculation will decrease as your body develops antibodies to the virus, and so will the outbreaks (both length, frequency, and severity). The first OB is the worst. Rates of recurrence and severity also correlate with strain.

*edit* Forgot to add, the virus can't infect healthy skin on other parts of the body unless the skin is broken so just be aware of cuts and stuff when you're touching the infected area (hence the no sharing razors).

Also, links to the right are full of great information.

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