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intro: hi :)

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So I am new to these message boards and I just wanted to say hi/introduce myself.

I'm 19 years old.

Freshman in college


I love theatre, movies, writing, working with kids, hanging out etc.

I found out I had herpes this past April (2009). 2 weeks after having sex with my ex bf. I call it irony. I was the girl that hooked up with guys in the past, and luckily stayed clean. When I finally met my bf, i didnt use protection (i had used condoms off and on before) and then two weeks later i had symptoms. I went to the doctors and I found out it was herpes. I was 18 then.

there is the small possibility it was from another partner and didnt show up til after. unfortuatly, i dont think I'll ever find out.

I blame it alot on bipolar. sometimes i wish i could reverse time. I'm a freshman in college now and i dont know what to do about future relationships. Im scared. My family doesnt know. I have told my doctor/therapist. I feel lost most of the time. Like i have no one who understands and no one I can relate to.

It sucks having something like this at a young age, that I know I'm going to have forever. I know alot of people have it. I just feel like Im alone.

If someone feels like they can help me out/relate/ talk/....whatever.. i could use the support

thank you.


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Hi 4evrkay88, and welcome to the forum!

I think you will meet a lot of new friends here in our community. There are people of all ages and everyone is here to help each other walk through this and figure things out together.

You might like the chat feature here! It's a great way to talk in real time with others. ;)

Take care!

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I think you can blame it on being human. Humans get viruses and bacteria. Humans fight off viruses and bacteria. Some viruses and bacteria are trickier than others.

You will find hundreds of support people here. We all have H in common here. So please feel free to immerse yourself into our support circle.

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Well first of all you are right...you are not alone. There are alot of people who have this...and they probably feel the same as you...lost and alone. I know when I was first diagnosed I was lost and alone...and I felt like i couldn't trust anyone. But....now I have had H for almost a year and I sometimes even forget that I have H. I have a bf...and he's amazing...he still doesn't have H and we have been together for a year..and we don't really use protection either...not the best idea...but it was a decision we made together. I hope that you can feel welcome here...alot of great people to talk to and know what you are going through.


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yea, i feel ya. I have both as well, Lots a therapy for one and a lot of soul searching for the other. I though but manageable. Its best you try your hardest to concentrate and not let the lows get to you.

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Hey I can completely relate I was just about to start my freshman year of college when I found out I had herpes. My bf dumped me and I felt so alone. But believe times do get better, now I'm in my sophmore year, and I feel like I'm starting my life again, you'll definitely have smiles and goodtimes ahead, and you are definitely not at all alone

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      That is what I thought too 
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      @hopeful22 Sorry, just to save me a bunch of reading and possibly getting nowhere..and I'm not sure I'm asking correctly.. Is cas12a in the casY category?  Is there some list showing each useful enzyme and which category it's in?
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      @Hairpeesthere is absolutely nothing inaccurate in what I have said and I stand by EVERY word. There is not one ounce of fact or accuracy in any of your comments. I’m sorry for your misinterpretations, but their yours alone. I suggest you need to undertake considerable research before commenting further. Please lift yourself.
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      I was going to post something about this but I figure this should help people understand before this thread goes haywire.  CAS12A remember cas12a  Instead of CRISPR cas9 crispr cas12a is a more precise and deemed more safe.  In the past couple weeks CRISPR has had a lot of bad publicity over new research, but last week it was discovered that another enzyme CAS12A is very precise and safe.  I am guessing that Excisionbio is going to switch gears and start using CAS12A instead of cas9.  please see the article published last week.  https://www.genengnews.com/gen-news-highlights/crispr-cas12a-more-precise-than-crispr-cas9/81256099
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      bad UI design. but I agree. they probably consider HSV-1 and HSV-2 comparable enough and will do each with a different CAS to see what works better.. and then likely do another study with whichever wins the comparison...

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