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Hey Guys and Girls,

I'm probably not searching properly, but I'm wondering if anyone else has this paranoia. It had been eons since I had an outbreak and the past year I've gotten into makeup hardcore. I love nice things and I've invested in good makeup. This past week or so I've had lowered immune function because cold sores are popping up again. I got one last friday, . I thought it was gone. And was happy and used some lipgloss and then shazam I had one on my lower lip, and then back again on the upper lip on the other side.

THis brings me to my point, I try to avoid using lip products if I think I am going to have a breakout. I am PARANOID about my foundation brush being used close to my lips too during such because I don't want to infect it. The Brush I KNOW I can use alcohol to disinfect and then wash it with brush cleaner or shampoo. The Lipsticks I can probably wipe them off with alcohol.

But I'm not sure what to do about lipglosses. Any tips or tricks for getting gloss out of tubes that come with doe-foot or brush applicators, rather than squeeze bottles. I'm just paranoid about infecting the glosses in between applications I don't share my lip products with anyone else, but it still bothers me.

Maybe its just me overthinking things, I obviously stay away from lip makeup during outbreaks because lipstick and gloss only draw attention to and I imagine would irritate a cold sore too.

I know its a superficial thing to worry about but, we all have guilty pleasures and makeup happens to be mine. LOL :)

Wasn't sure where this would fit so posted here, if its the wrong place. Sorry :)

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I think this was a good place for this post ;) no worries.

Personally, I think you're over thinking it on the lip gloss. If you're not sharing it, there shouldn't be a problem. Most people keep their makeup much longer than recommended. There is always a chance of bacteria growing after a while and 6 months is when we're supposed to toss the old. (I usually keep mine at least a year)

For personal use, I wouldn't worry about it.

Welcome to the forum, Snowfairy!

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Hi snowfairy,

I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in the makeup paranoia department. I'm always worried about whatever I'm using getting infected with the virus and having it spread on my skin through the application process. I know it's ocd but I can't seem to stop being scared about it. I hate it.

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Would getting a Q-tip and using it to apply - either dipping it directly into the bottle or rubbing it on the lipgloss applicator work?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Gems
      I've had neg swabs but I am sure you'll get it. Follow the process. I haven't read the thread in exact detail, but if you have documentation of doctors mishandling your case when you get/ if you get a poss inform them in writing as well as the medical board I think.  Under diagnosis is as problematic as false pos and reducing transmission is good.
    • MikeIke
      @WilsoInAusi wish you were right.  you can't say that with such confidence having never met me though.  I had one MD look at my sore on Sunday @ 8pm, said it was not looking herpetic but to come back in the morning.  I came back in the morning and he said it looked exactly like a cold sore/HSV1 based on the changes / "ablative look" to the skin around the lip.  The Dermatologists have never seen me with a sore until yesterday, too, and had only seen pictures.  They're used to the classic HSV2 look that shows up in Google Images. I think the swab test will be definitive - we broke open the sore and sent it off within  48 hours of appearing.  I'm also waiting for my 13 week IGG type specific HerpeSelect Immunoblot any day now using RequestATest - LabCorp.
    • Gems
      Not really wanting to call Terry.  I'll be checking the term anecdotal as I agree it may not be the best term. Maryland University seems to disagree and there was a researcher looking into random transmissions off poss objects in the eighties.

      There are two cases of torts in the USA in regards to transmission from surfaces. These require a 50% probability in causation and would be medically confirmed. I would say the reason it is less documented as people just deal with it and get on with their lives or it happens more frequently in lower socio economic groups that all just go into denial.

      I'm collecting the less than usual experiences Wilson, and not all professionals agree with Terry. These myths in my experience do not always get around with no basis.
    • Gems
      You can use the ignore button however they will still see your comments.
    • Gems
      The thread was more about antibodies any ways and I was just mostly sharing my experience of reading  those who claim a neg IgG. I am sorry I veered from that here.

      One person I have read here claim neg IgG. And years ago there were two people who also claimed neg IgG.

      It is up to each person to do their own research before they spend money on products.  

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