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Lack Of Empathy

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I live out in Newfoundland, and I'm almost 18. I work, but still haven't made any friends in the 6 months that I've lived here. I find it harder now, to make friends knowing that I have herpes (a month and a week). I know its no ones business, but if I meet somebody, I feel like I'm keeping a secret, even though its really none of their business.

For somebody who does not have it, most likely don't know a lot about it, I've seen/heard peoples reactions to genital herpes, and their reactions are disgust, resentment. They believe the myths about genital herpes, like being spread from toilet seats. Like all or most of us with this virus, want someone to relate to, to share stories with, share experiences, and give advice to each other. Thats what I need, a good friend besides my partner who can understand what I'm going through. I know there are people out there that don't have it and can be understanding but I'd prefer someone who can empathize too.

Does anybody else feel like this? I imagine so...I'm going crazy, what I need are a circle of friends, ones with herpes preferably :) .

I know I'm not the only one going through this, but I am doing this alone. If you live in Newfoundland, send me a message!!

Does anybody else feel alone, and feel that the people around them have no clue what HSV is :), and don't care!!

If you're going through what I am, I want to listen to what your going through. Thank God for people like us. :)

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I know the personal touch is better, but use this site as a substitute as much as you can. There are hundreds of us active here.

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Hey XCocoX,

Sorry, can't say I live in Newfoundland. However, there are tons of us out there who know what you're going through physically and emotionally and are here for you.

I understand the feeling of wanting to be around other people who know what you am going through. Although I have told one of my close friends (who does not have herpes) about my HSV-II, I still want the comfort of speaking with others who know the pain and frustration of what I am dealing with.

However, let me also add that telling my "non-herpes" friend about my HSV was so therapeutic. She was gentle, understanding, sympathetic, and has even offered to be my roommate in my search for a new apartment. These are things I never thought a non-infected person would do upon hearing of my "affliction." It has really bolstered my self-esteem and made me realize that there are many wonderful and non-judgmental people out there, both in platonic relationships and romantic ones too.

As far as feeling alone in Newfoundland, have you tried searching online to see if there are local support groups that you can visit? I know that living in the outskirts of Los Angeles makes it easy to find one in such a huge metropolis, but there can potentially be some nearby you as well! And if not, it's like Mr. Honest says: this site can work as well for support.

Hope we can help to brighten your day.

Take care!

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