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My life is over!!!

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I will never be the same again...the biggest mistake of my life has left me with more than regret. I cheated on my husband of eight yrs in may and then again in july and august and ended up catching herpes from my boyfriend. Whch I jst found this out by having my first outbreak which had me laying in bed with a 102 fever and my body hurt so bad I wanted to cry. As far as I know I have not passed it to my husband and I hope never do he has decided to forgive me and make things work as he has cheated before and I stayed along. I more or less cheated to pay him back than anything because I wanted to prove that when u cheat u dont stop loving the person u r in love with. At least if u have no feelings for the lover at all. I feel so stupid now for wanting to get revenge and Me ending up gettn the worse revenge of all. I hate myslf for what I did and allowed to happen and this is like the worst thing I could have imagined happening. I am trying to cope and take all this in but Im struggling at this point I feel like giving up I dont know of nethng I can do to ever make this better, I love my husband and I do not want to lose him but I struggle with insecurtiy and dont feel like he can ever really love me. That I knw I need to fix but I dont know how too jst yet. How do I fogive myslf in order to accept my husbands forgivness and move on in our marriage with both our indecrestions behind us and then the herpes wil stay with me n maybe us forever. Thats the part so hard to get over.

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The herpes is the least important thing in this whole situation.

I am just three months out of a broken marriage that will never be repaired. My 20th anniversary would have been tomorrow.

For both of you to have done this you must have other issues. In my opinion the problem is bigger than you can handle, otherwise you would have fixed it already. I would recommend going to a counselor. Making the time for counseling is important.

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Mrhonest - is right! Forget about Herpes for a moment - you need to take a good look at your marriage and see if you can fix it or not.

Herpes is only on the top of the list coz its painful to your body right now - overshadowing the pain you feel in your soul already for a long time....

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Marrage is a wonderful thing until we mess it up. Love is deeper than many people thing and can forgive and move forward. Herpes however is forever and now your faced with the terrible memory of what 15 mins excitment can bring. I wish you and your husband the best and hope and pray that soon there is an end to this terrible illness, till then eat right, live right, and think right.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • moialbalushi
      That is what I thought too 
    • infoguy123
      @hopeful22 Sorry, just to save me a bunch of reading and possibly getting nowhere..and I'm not sure I'm asking correctly.. Is cas12a in the casY category?  Is there some list showing each useful enzyme and which category it's in?
    • WilsoInAus
      @Hairpeesthere is absolutely nothing inaccurate in what I have said and I stand by EVERY word. There is not one ounce of fact or accuracy in any of your comments. I’m sorry for your misinterpretations, but their yours alone. I suggest you need to undertake considerable research before commenting further. Please lift yourself.
    • hopeful22
      I was going to post something about this but I figure this should help people understand before this thread goes haywire.  CAS12A remember cas12a  Instead of CRISPR cas9 crispr cas12a is a more precise and deemed more safe.  In the past couple weeks CRISPR has had a lot of bad publicity over new research, but last week it was discovered that another enzyme CAS12A is very precise and safe.  I am guessing that Excisionbio is going to switch gears and start using CAS12A instead of cas9.  please see the article published last week.  https://www.genengnews.com/gen-news-highlights/crispr-cas12a-more-precise-than-crispr-cas9/81256099
    • vzhe
      bad UI design. but I agree. they probably consider HSV-1 and HSV-2 comparable enough and will do each with a different CAS to see what works better.. and then likely do another study with whichever wins the comparison...

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