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hello, im new here,

just wanted to introduce my self

my name is manuel im 23, i live in miami.

im originally cuban.

i got herpes about 1 year ago, i got used to it,

but its always on my mind (when is gonna come out again?).

its hard to live with this, but i know it could be worst, could be aids or something, herpes is nothing compared to that, so im thankful for it,

some friends told me sometime before getting herpes, that they wouldnt sleep with someone when they meet on the first day, even if she is very atractive, i said-thats bullshit-, but it wasnt, i got it like that, i went to a nightclub, one of the best here in miami, there was this beautiful and easy going girl about my age with some friends, it was very late and i was about to leave the place,

this girl was originally from panama, very sexy, tall, perfect eyes, mouth, well, liked to talk interesting staff, well you get the point, we danced a little, then i took her home, and ended up on her bed, been so naive, having fun and having sex, it was fantastic, she was amazing. next day i go home, and i start feeling pain at my genital area, well, the next day these yellow, ugly and nusty things began wroing from me, i went to the doctor, and since then i got herpes.

i now take two pills of Acyclovir 800 milligrams every week at least,

and guess what i have a girlfriend after i got herpes, for all these time, and she never got herpes, we just never had sex when it was out, thats it as simple as that, right now im single we broke up for other issues.

Thank you for reading.

Tell me about you.

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Check out your local support group

It might help you to see others, just like you, who have herpes as well. Seeing other normal people with it really helped me adjust to living with it. Now I could care less if there was a cure for it.

Broward and Palm Beach Help

P.O. Box 77-1604 Coral Springs, FL 33077

Ph: (954) 896-9788

Good luck!


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Butterfly of the Moment
It might help you to see others, just like you, who have herpes as well. Seeing other normal people with it really helped me adjust to living with it. Now I could care less if there was a cure for it.


Nice...I wish I had your mindset like yesterday. I'm trying though.

Hey oneinamillion,

it's good that you are positive about this as well. It's sad when one mistake can last a lifetime. I had sex with someone I didn't know too well either...i was in another country. I love traveling and it would have been fine had I not met this one guy. Oh well, I only hope they come up with a cure...but that would make life too easy wouldn't it haha. Sorry about your lady problems, but you will find another person to love. I'm 23 also, getting genital herpes has shredded the last of my innocence. I have my good days and my bad days. At least you have the ocean to help calm you and warm days. I live in Ohio, no ocean (I was born on an island too) and no lovely weather in the coming months...

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recently diagnosed, hate myself

i am a female, 23, recently diagnosed....the person i was with wants nothing to do with me sexually, and its really hurting my feelings...i want a relationship with him but he only wants a friendship and i know its partly because of this.....we were going out, not really officially monogamous, but we were going out for about 2 years and i only slept with one other person once over a year ago, it was protected sex, but unprotected oral, so i dont know who i got it from....the guy i was going out with said he doesnt have it but i think he is lying because i had to keep asking him did he get tested and one day he was like oh i did get tested, and i was like y didnt u tell me? and he says i dont know...like if im waiting to know your results y wouldnt u tell me? y wait days or weeks later for me to ask u? i just dont believe him, and now i cant think of anything else...if he supposedly loved me and cared about me, wouldnt he still want me? whos going to want me now...not some new person....i just feel horrible, like i have no reason to live just because i think noone is ever going to want me....is that stupid to think that way? there is more to life than love and relationships but ive never been in a serious comitted relationship and im 23 and now this, im never going to be in one now....i hate my life....

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I'm a male, 23, and I've had genital Herpes now for just over a year. It's reassuring reading these posts as I can relate to everyones situation in some way or another. This last year has been one of the toughest and I'm glad it's over. I've changed so much and learnt so many important lessons. I haven't had a serious relationship since the last girl I dated. She didn't even know she had the virus until I showed symptoms. She accompanied me on my visit to the doctor and was to some extent very supportive. The scary part was having to be the strong since she was to some extent freaking out on me, even though I'd caught it from her. A few months before I met her I had myself checked for everything. I came up as negative for every std and the weeks prior to my test were strenuous. It was so ironic, I obviously didn't learn my lesson. Anyway, I'm fine now and although I feel lonely sometime, I keep reminding myself that I'm not alone and that one day they're going to find a cure. Keeping positive is an important part of recovering.

I hope this helps

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Trace67
      Who said it was hard to believe? It's possible that it causes some Alzheimer's but its also possible that herpes merely takes advantage of a brain weakened by Alzheimer's rather than being the causative agent. This theory is a well-documented by experts. The fact is that they have no proof either way. Links do not prove anything and are often proven incorrect as causative agents. To further complicate things, they fully expect that Alzheimer's may have several causes. Therefore, the best way to handle it at the moment may be to reverse the damage with a cure which would likely work for all causes or at least most. It may be easier to fix for now and then prevent later as they learn more about the various causes. They may be on the brink of that now.
    • Metalhead!
      I have to agree. Only American companies are under the jurisdiction of the FDA but why do they extend their influence over all treatments and medicines globally cos they are corrupt yeah. Makes sense
    • hsv2fighter
      Dear Mike, I have access to academic resources. If you would like to have a look at the original report, you can tell me your email. Note that it's only for personal use of HSV cure research survey.
    • Waiting4newlife
      I got it from my ex-girlfriend from India. Break up after that. Now moving to canada. 
    • BrittanyGators
      In my opinion the FDA are the biggest scammers out there. From my side as a mother who had to see my Daughter be infected because of the terrible misrepresentation of Pharmaceutical medications (Valtrex) I think that the FDA has a lot to answer for.  They take their funding and bonus's to approve dangerous medications which have later turned out to be deadly.  They approve and endorse sugar with no limitation or regulation although it's the biggest cause of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  All because they are part of the bigger business scams out there to keep the population dependent on antivirals for life.  I know I would much rather a natural solution for my Daughter than the toxic medications the FDA endorse. 

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