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I knew last week that i had herpes. I went in got tested and found out that its hsv2. :( I dont know where I got it. The last person I was with swears up and down that he didnt have it. Im sure he is lying though cuz last sunday I came home and he had came out of the bathroom with a blonde chick and all they had on were towels. I wanted to warn her so bad!! but, I felt like it wasnt my place. I didnt want to start drama I just needed to get outta there. I got played and now I am paying the ultimate price. Usually I force guys to wear condoms... but, I was extremely wasted one night and didnt make him. Lesson learned the hard way!

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I'm so sorry this happened to you! I am very careful too and think I got it via oral sex, which I never let anyone do except my current boyfriend. I spent years in college avoiding it to avoid this disease. And here I am. He didn't do it on purpose. He didn't know. But it sounds like your guy is an asshole and you deserve better. I like to think more people have this "annoying skin condition" than we even know. I wish you luck. Last night I was at a concert and had fun but all I could think about was as every person walked by is "they don't have it..lucky bastards or that person has to have it." It consumes my life. I wish there was a cure. Things will get better for both of us w/ time hopefully........

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • infoguy123
      @hopeful22 Sorry, just to save me a bunch of reading and possibly getting nowhere..and I'm not sure I'm asking correctly.. Is cas12a in the casY category?  Is there some list showing each useful enzyme and which category it's in?
    • WilsoInAus
      @Hairpeesthere is absolutely nothing inaccurate in what I have said and I stand by EVERY word. There is not one ounce of fact or accuracy in any of your comments. I’m sorry for your misinterpretations, but their yours alone. I suggest you need to undertake considerable research before commenting further. Please lift yourself.
    • hopeful22
      I was going to post something about this but I figure this should help people understand before this thread goes haywire.  CAS12A remember cas12a  Instead of CRISPR cas9 crispr cas12a is a more precise and deemed more safe.  In the past couple weeks CRISPR has had a lot of bad publicity over new research, but last week it was discovered that another enzyme CAS12A is very precise and safe.  I am guessing that Excisionbio is going to switch gears and start using CAS12A instead of cas9.  please see the article published last week.  https://www.genengnews.com/gen-news-highlights/crispr-cas12a-more-precise-than-crispr-cas9/81256099
    • vzhe
      bad UI design. but I agree. they probably consider HSV-1 and HSV-2 comparable enough and will do each with a different CAS to see what works better.. and then likely do another study with whichever wins the comparison...
    • friendlyboy
      LOL Those bars don't say anything about effectivenes. They are an indicator about how far they have gotten in the preclinical efficacy studies stage.

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