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Does your 'trigger' always cause an outbreak? HELP APPRECIATED!

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Hi there

I'd really appreciate your input on this, as I'm trying to understand and get on top of my frequent outbreaks.

I've had HSV2 for 6 months now, with frequent but minor outbreaks (bar one mother of an OB). My OBs are never painful with only a bit of itching, so I can be thankful for that.

I've had about 10 OBs, but they don't seem to be linked to my diet. Or at least not to one of the classic triggers. About 2 months after infection I went 6 weeks without an OB with no meds.

During this time I had coffee everyday and got drunk 2-3 nights a week - does this mean that coffee and alcohol are not triggers? I had a big OB at the end of the 6 weeks, so could that mean that although alcohol isn't an active trigger, a prolonged period of not looking after myself could be? Some people say that alcohol, sugar, coffee etc brings on an OB. This doesn't seem to be the case for me, so can I continue in moderation?

Could it be that I don't really have any triggers, but the virus is still active in my body and I'm going to have frequent OBs for now, whatever I eat?

I've played around with different doses of meds, but that doesn't seem to help much. I'm now taking 250mg of Valtrex a day, with 1g of Lysine, multi-B and vit C, as well as a lot of fresh fruit.

ANY INPUT on this - thoughts, ideas etc, would be massively appreciated.

Cheers all...


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Do you still get outbreaks while on valtrex? Actually, wondering how many get outbreaks while on suppressive therapy?

BTW, I can't figure out my triggers either. Mostly it seems when I think about it then it comes. And, I can't help but think about it.

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I was taking 400mg of Acyclovir twice daily for a month or so, and got a mild OB (they're pretty much always mild). Bizarrely, the drug was making me piss incredibly frequently - about 10 times a night. This got a bit tiresome so I switched to one 500mg of Valtrex daily, which helped with the urinating but I still had frequent mild outbreaks.

I can't afford to do more Valtrex and don't really want to consume any more. I've now switched to 250mg a day as it's not doing much anyway and I want to ween myself off of it. If the 250mg stops the big OBs, that'll do me for now.

I was inspired by someone's story, a guy who said his frequent OBs just stopped after a year. No tingling, no outbreaks. I haven't had a day off sick in years, I just never get sick. So I'm hoping I can strengthen my immune system to issue a similar response. I've never been fitter, I've never eaten healthier, and I'm convinced my body can learn to suppress it effectively.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Guys trying a New Way to take herpes Down , Detox Liver & Purify Blood will help just started a new way to tackle this , it's a 8 week course will update 
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      I ate...and ate...and ate. So glad I don't have to give them up!
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      There are currently two Phase 2 clinical trials of the effect of valacyclovir (i.e. Valtrex) at the NIH and University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden respectively for the sole purpose of measuring the impact to Alzheimers of taking Valacyclovir in HSV1+ individuals. Anti-viral Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03282916?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&rank=10 Feasibility and Effects of Valaciclovir Treatment in Persons With Early Alzheimer's Disease (VALZ-Pilot) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02997982?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&draw=2&rank=11 We should have some compelling evidence by about this time next year as the Swedish study has been going since 2016 and is set to conclude in April of next year.  The NIH study is set to conclude in 2022 but either way, on simply the mounting causal evidence, I'm going to continue taking my antivirals.
    • GotMeAtLast
      It still sucks for those of us in our 40's. Granted you will have to deal with it a lot longer than I, but it still sucks.
    • Everydaypeople
      I hope this message finds you well... I too just got recently diagnosed with type 2 and my soul left my body.... I'm still in 5 stages of grief... depression and anxiety... etc...  your boyfriend probably knew he had it...   I'm still in state of shock...gonna start doing things to occupy my mind...  support group like this site is good... very informative.. As far as not ever having a normal relationship,  your wrong.. my best friend had type 2 and had kids and got married.. How ? I asked myself plenty of times... none of my business... shem happier than she's ever been..  

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