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Wishing Well

Wishings Truths, true or false?

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Wishing Well

These are facts/notions I tell myself when I begin thinking negatively about HSV. I have chosen to put this in this section as it is aimed at both telling myself, and potential partners, of the real risks.


1) Risk of transmission during sex can be limited to 1% by using condoms and taking supressive meds

2) GHSV-1 is harder to transmit genital to genital as it lays outside of its usual place of business (as hsv-1 is primarily an oral infection)

3) GHSV-1 also sheds less which means it is harder for a genital to genital infection than other strains

4) HSV-1 will infect up 80% of people before their passing and as a result most people have a resistance to infection as they are already carriers

5) If I have had an HSV infection for longer than 6 months (approx) I am unlikely to spread this to other parts of my body as my body has developed antibodies.

6) Stress, lack of sleep and a poor diet amoungst other factors which are detrimental to my health may lead to more frequent outbreaks.

7) You are not a herpes Zombie.

Please correct me or add some other quick facts which put this disease in its place.

Day by day taking my life back, Wish

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Last night I was telling my mother how fortunate I feel that I have had such an easy go of it.

"Easy go of it?" she says. "I wouldn't call the hell you have been going through the last couple of weeks and easy go of it."

I said to her that I was not speaking of the ramifications of my silence, but mearly the physical aspects of having the virus for the last 20 years. I have type 1 and I am fortunate. I feel fortunate that I have not suffered the effects of type 2 as so many of the people on this forum have. Wishing Well, what you wrote up there is what keeps me grounded and rolling out of bed every day. Thanks for putting it in writing.

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Here are a couple of others

8 ) The longer you live with this virus the more your body will be effective in containing it. Thus your outbreaks will come farther apart and less severe in duration.

9 ) Everyday more and more people join our club and the dating pool grows larger.


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    • Evaluate
      If your eye was affected by HSV you'd be in intense pain and you'd be in the hospital on an antiviral drip.  It is likely a coincidence of timing, and something that you shouldn't overthink.  Definitely worth getting checked anyway since the eye is a sensitive area.
    • information seeker
      I been taking meds, but has not gotten better. I will crop a picture to show you in a few hours. I seeing the top doctor in Tokyo this month
    • woodrose
      I found this website today. You can now pre order Viblok but no potential delivery date is given. The company is in Florida and I called but got a recorded message. https://www.viblok.com/
    • woodrose
      Here's something interesting. You can now pre-order Viblok.  However, the website does not indicate when it will be available. https://www.viblok.com/
    • JD2424
      Hey all. I had an STD check while pregnant with my now 3 yo and it was perfectly clean, hadn’t had another one until a few months ago   I was sexually assulted about 4 months ago. Because of that I asked for all STD testing. My first HSV 2 IGG score came back at 4.00, I requested another 2 weeks later and it’s now a 3.22 IGG. Should I take this as for sure positive or would it warrant a WB at all? Is it normal for numbers to go down like that?   Ive had NO symptoms whatsoever, at any time     Also, condoms, guys what are the best ones that feel as natural as possible?? Any ideas? 

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