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"Phantom" itching & irritation? or Yeast Infx?

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Anyone's advice and/or insight into whether or not you've had this and how you treated it will be greatly appreciated.

Last year I thought I was having a never ending OB, but it turned out to be an untreated yeast infection that I got AFTER the OB had settled down...who knew, as I'd never had a YI before then.

So...with daily (500mg) Valtrex, I was able to be OB free for nearly a YEAR. During that yr, however, I did have recurring yeast infections, but about 3 in 10 months so not that bad.

At the beginning of this month I went to an outdoor festival with heat, and sun, and lack of sleep and BAM...outbreak...or so I thought....I went to my GYN just to make sure it wasn't a yeast infx....

she swabbed me and found NO yeast, so we naturally assumed it was an OB, even though the only symptom I had was a little bit of mild itching and a very slight red mark/abrasion on the under right side of vulva.

So I doubled up on Valtrex for 3 days as directed and thought it would get better.

It's gotten better AND worse about 3 times in the last 10 days now....called GYN on Friday telling her it's been 8 days and so far itching is worse...

but I SEE NOTHING when it comes to lesions....just red irritated skin b/c it itches a lot, mostly on the outside, and at times (but not always, it comes & goes) right around the panty line....

She said it could be "phantom itching" much like when an amputee has pain in the limb that no longer is there.

Has ANYONE ever had this???

The only other time I've had itching like this without sores/blisters was when I was first diagnosed with the yeast infection last year. But the swab last week said no yeast....

The DOC said to use some hydrocortisone cream on the itchy parts (only externally) and to take an antihistamine like Benadryl and call her on monday.

Yesterday morning I thought I was fixed, it literally felt 99.9% better.....

Then this late evening it's back with a vengenace....what GIVES?

Don't mean to sound gross, but I spent a GREAT deal of time looking at that area and I can't see anything except some redness and a little bit of skim-milk like looking discharge, no odor, no cottage cheese, no classic yeast symptoms...

just this damn itching....

SO>.......if anyone has any advice, I'm all EYES!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much!

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I was told never to use hydrocortisone down there as it can make it worse. Benadryl is an antihistamine so that probably work for the itching. You should probably get a second opinion. Yes, I have gotten itchiness down there with no sores...I guess it's all part of this nasty virus. Im so over it!

Hope this helps :)

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i dont know how old you are but i know if your close to 40 the itching can be a sign of pre menapausel symptoms,, but its not uncommom to itch all over your first year of having herpes, after that year it usually goes away

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thanks for both of your advice.

probably (hopefully) not pre-menopausal as I'm in my very early 30's.

I'm going back to the doc tomorrow; I'm convinced it's a yeast infection or an OB that needs another round of higher dose Valtrex....it definitely feels like the awful YI I had last year....who knows.

Yeah...I'm so "over" this also...

thanks again.

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