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I'm confused.

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I've slept with two people in my life. The second I'm starting to think wasn't so faithful to me. I had these painless bumps that I popped that look like zits. I went to the free clinic they gave me a visual diagnosis of herpes. Two weeks later, I went to my regular gyno and he said no one can give a visual diagnosis plus painless bumps that pop like zits are not herpes. I made him do a blood test anyways. He told me if he did a blood test, it could show that I have been exposed to it, but not have it. To me, that makes absolutely no sense. The nurse called today said I have recently been exposed to herpes. My long term exposure was negative. I schedule a follow up appt with my doctor next week because she couldn't answer my questions. If I have antibodies, don't I have herpes? I don't understand. I have come up with a list of questions for him, but my gyno can be a slight jerk so I want to do a lot of research before I get there. This I guess is my venting message. But if anyone has a good site, please send it to me. Thanks!

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Ugh, doctors are annoying. "Exposed" is a nice way of saying you carry the virus, meaning, yes, you do have it. What he meant is that a non-specific blood test (even if it was positive), would not show if you have it genitally and if that's whats causing your symptoms, as many people have antibodies to type 1 (oral) herpes. However, it sounds like you had a type-specific test which would show IgM and IgG antibodies. If your IgM was positive for herpes antibodies, and the IgG was negative this could signal a new infection. (IgM antibodies are what our bodies first produce, but can also be produced during a recurrence. IgG are what we produce in place of the IgG after a few months or weeks.) So a positive IgG would suggest you've had the virus for a while. Also, did they say what type it was positive for? Type 1 can be oral or genital, but type 2 is almost always a genital infection.

I saw call and ask your doctor's office exactly what kind of test was done, and what the numerical results were. There are people on here who can decipher/explain them more clearly if you post the results in the "testing" thread.

Hope this helped and that you get some straight-forward answers soon! ;)

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    • Evaluate
      If your eye was affected by HSV you'd be in intense pain and you'd be in the hospital on an antiviral drip.  It is likely a coincidence of timing, and something that you shouldn't overthink.  Definitely worth getting checked anyway since the eye is a sensitive area.
    • information seeker
      I been taking meds, but has not gotten better. I will crop a picture to show you in a few hours. I seeing the top doctor in Tokyo this month
    • woodrose
      I found this website today. You can now pre order Viblok but no potential delivery date is given. The company is in Florida and I called but got a recorded message. https://www.viblok.com/
    • woodrose
      Here's something interesting. You can now pre-order Viblok.  However, the website does not indicate when it will be available. https://www.viblok.com/
    • JD2424
      Hey all. I had an STD check while pregnant with my now 3 yo and it was perfectly clean, hadn’t had another one until a few months ago   I was sexually assulted about 4 months ago. Because of that I asked for all STD testing. My first HSV 2 IGG score came back at 4.00, I requested another 2 weeks later and it’s now a 3.22 IGG. Should I take this as for sure positive or would it warrant a WB at all? Is it normal for numbers to go down like that?   Ive had NO symptoms whatsoever, at any time     Also, condoms, guys what are the best ones that feel as natural as possible?? Any ideas? 

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