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Very Confused

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About 11 months ago, I started having symptoms and went to the doctor. They did not do a swab test, and took a sample of blood for a HerpesSelect test. The test indicated Negative, and they gave me some cream for bacterial infections and told me to use that. I was not very smart and had several more (4 or so) ob's since then and continued to think it was bacterial. About two weeks ago things got very bad and I went back to the Doctor. This time the HerpesSelect test was Positive. I have been with the same partner the whole time, but she has not yet been tested (but will). But I am very confused, she says she has never had a problem or been diagnosed with this. My mind wanders, what if I have had this for a long long time and just only started to show symptoms. It has been 2.5 yrs since being with another partner. I am just very nervous that only I have this and I brought this to the relationship. The worst thing is that since the test 11months ago showed negative, we continued to have unprotected sex. I can't fathom giving this to her and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. What are the chances that the test 11mo ago was a false negative? Waiting for her test (she goes next week), will be agony.

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If you did really get it 2.5 years ago it sounds like the 11 month ago test was false negative. Even if you did bring it to the relationship you sure as heck did not do it on purpose as the virus would have been secretly hiding.

Don't be in agony. This is not leprosy or the plague. You can sure be pissed off about it. Be angry with H, not yourself. While you are at, be pissed off about all the rest of the bacteria and viruses that are attacking human kind every minute of every day.

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It's also possible that she has carried it and has never had any symptoms. I would think that you just recently contracted it if your test was negative 11 months ago.

So, chances are she already has it. If you both have it and plan on staying together it should really just be a minor inconvenience at times. I wouldn't give it too much free rent in your head ;)

Read up on the links to the right of the forum page. There's a wealth of information there on hsv and how to manage it. The more you know the better.

Take care and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the replies and the welcome. Since I'm still trying to get my bearings, I just dropped in this category and wrote my post. I am not normally a negative person and always try to be positive, but this has gotten me quite a bit depressed.

The 11 months ago I mentioned was around a month or so after my partner and I started to live together and as I said a any previous partners were 2.5 years ago. I am very lucky that she is still behind me and wants to be with me, again I am just nervous of her test result. I so much want her result to be negative as I want the best health for her.

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If your test was negative 11 months ago and it became positive later, and you weren't with anyone else more recent than the 2.5 years, it sounds like you got it from your current partner. She has most likely carried it without knowing it, which seems to be the case for most people. Most people do not realize they have it because they either don't get symptoms or their symptoms are mistaken for something else.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hairpees
      I agree your post was very well written. I think I was speaking from more of a GHSV1 perspective as it relates to the oral virus so many carry and spread.   I too, before being diagnosed, was small minded and ignorat about herpes. But I believe it had to do with the way I was brought up. Looking back now I want to say it was because of my experience in college. I went to ASU, we are absolutely known for partying and STI’s. I was heavily involved in Greek life, and bascially if one person found out you had herpes your life was changed  socially and romantically. You were the girl/ guy on campus with herpes. A bunch of little 18-22 year old shits who didn’t give a flying F if you said HSV1 or HSV2. It was herpes. That’s all they were known for. Surrounding schools found out and people from your hometown found out. Maybe my generation sucks but that’s extremely sickening to witness and go through.  I now work in marketing with a bunch of people my age and older. There is a guy who disclosed and was open about herpes to a lot of us in the office and again, he was just known as the herpes guy. And no, not by me but grown adults with real jobs and education. Most likely those adults statistically had some strain of it too. But again these are my experiences. I know they are wrong now but who knows when the rest of the world will catch up.
    • mrwright
      Hello I am new to Honeycomb, I live in Chicago IL. 54 years young & single, I look forward to making many new friends here.
    • Onehotmess
      Some more good news on crispr! Restoring cells to an uninfected state once a virus is destroyed. https://phys.org/news/2018-09-cells-uninfected-state-virus.amp Now if only they could remove this virus from each of us and fix the effective cells would be no longer a dream! 
    • WilsoInAus
      But don’t you have an oral HSV-1 infection? Condoms don’t protect against that?
    • Herpeguy562
      Give it a try and report back to us. It's pretty safe vaccine approved by the FDA.

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