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Drug pipelines

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Does anyone have access to this? it would be informative to see this info but you have to pay for it. has anyone purchased it?

Life Science Analytics, Herpes Simplex Virus Infection Therapy Area Pipeline Report contains detailed information on the herpes simplex virus infection drug pipeline. This report provides insight into the pipeline status of herpes simplex virus infection drugs by company and by stage as well as a summary of the latest news and developments in this area.


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In the pharmaceuticals sector, a drugs pipeline consists of the drugs that a company has under development or is testing. This includes completely new drugs, variants of existing drugs and new applications of existing drugs.

The pipeline starts with new drug discoveries and it is important to assess companies' ability to discover new drugs as well as drugs that are currently in the pipeline. The early stage of the pipeline needs to be refilled as drugs move up. Good R & D is crucial.

New drugs require extensive development, pre-clinical testing, three stages of clinical trials and then have to approved in each country the company wishes to sell the drug in. This means that many uncertainties lie between discovering a new drug and selling it. The uncertainties lessen as a drug moves along the pipeline .

It is not uncommon for companies to buy and sell drugs that are in various stages of development, or to enter into agreements to jointly develop or market drugs. In these circumstances one company may receive milestone payments from another for completing particular stages of development, trials and approval, as well as royalties on the drug once it is marketed.

Major pharmaceutical companies always have pipelines with many drugs in them. This may appear to spread the risk, but it is often the case that most of the value of the pipeline lies in a small number of drugs, or even in a single "blockbuster" drug

Assessing the pipeline is often the most important part of valuing a pharmaceutical company, and the most difficult. The value of a pipeline is the sum of the values of each drug in the pipeline. To assess the value of a drug in the pipeline one needs to consider:

  • the size of potential market for the drug
  • how much market share the drug will be able to gain
  • the risk that it will not be approved.

The size of the potential market may be clear. If the drug is to treat a specific disease, recognised disease for which the need for treatment is accepted it may be easy. However if the diagnosis or treatment is a matter of controversy, if existing treatments are effective or if treatment is so expensive that health services or insurers may not pay for it, then the market size is less clear.

How much market share a drug gains will depend on its cost and effectiveness compared to competitors. This includes not just the drugs already on the market, but others that are in development.

The risk of failure to gain approval is the hardest thing to assess. It requires evidence of both effectiveness and safety. Effectiveness is generally demonstrated fairly early on (but not always). Safety problems may show up at any point in the clinical trials, although the risk diminishes in the later stages.


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    • WilsoInAus
      But you were probably also exposed to HSV-1,2,3,4,5,6ab,7,8. There are also about 80 other human viruses and you would have been exposed to a dozen of those. There are tens of different bacteria that also transmit during sexual activity. There are also hundreds of possible  causes generated with your body.  
    • RainyDay2
      The sad part is I was exposed to HSV 2 so judging by what information Im told, If I had herpes mine would almost definitely show up on an IGG test by now.  Supposedly I’d have less than an 8% chance of it not showing up on a blood test. All I can do is go off the information Im given.   My thing is this: I need to know what is causing this.  If the medical world wants to tell me that I dont have herpes, fine.  What is it that I have then? And how do I get rid of it? Otherwise, being negative for herpes means nothing to me.  Because Im still positive for something, and they cant even figure out what the hell it is! Because my body definitely changed after I was exposed to it.  
    • WilsoInAus
      That’s incorrect for recent infections where it nears 100%. Those people have a positive swab.
    • WilsoInAus
      Herpes is not some default magic rabbit that comes out of the hat and makes sense out of the irrational.
    • MikeIke
      @RainyDay2 i am about to pull out the big bht guns. Hey if i can get rid of the symptoms forever and never blow positive, ill take it. My other thought was hpv but i know i was exposed. The last clinician i saw definitely thought my lip things looked herpetic and sajd she's seen urethral herpes before too.    Igg can be forever negative in some, i have heard hsv1 has less accuracy with igg

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