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power of prayer

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Hi Redyellowpurpleblue, I just wanted to share something with you. I did test positive with a blood test and then several years later had two more blood tests that tested negative. I was baffled. I had lots of people praying for me. I couldn't understand why i was testing negative then my husband told me take it as a healing from God. I accepted the healing but then 6 years later, yes, six years. I got burning sensations again down there and it all started again. I've gone to the doctor and tested negative again for HSV2. I really believe God is trying to get in touch with me and wants me to get closer to him and he will show me his healing powers. He is trying to get a hold of me when i need him most so that he can show me a true miracle healing. When i open up my bible sometimes a page will open up randomly and will talk about a scripture in healing or miracles!! Not coincidental!! We MUST Believe!!

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Hi Chelsejean, I really like your message. Yes god can heal us of anything. My mother in law had breast cancer and had a masectomy and later was tested and had no cancer cells in her body. In other words it showed up as if she never had cancer. She was healed again from something that her doctor thought that for sure was colon cancer. She had all the symptoms, she lost alot of blood and needed a blood transfusion had been very sick and weak. To make a long story short, the doctor didn't tell her what his thoughts were but when she went back to see him with her test results. He told her I'm very suprised, he said "I didn't tell you this but I was positive that this was colon cancer." He said all this signs and symptoms were there. My mother in law is a christan woman and has been for many years. She's gone to prison ministry, bible studies, and i believe she finished school to become a pastor. She has had lots of people pray for her while she was sick both times. God healed her!! He is the only one that can do this!! I will pray everyday for a cure for herpes and for us to be healed!!

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i fully believe in the power of prayer and when Gods people ask he will listen and answer. this is great for even non-belivers. if enough people can just make the effort to prey that someone will find a cure i think it can be done faster. So im writting this thread to just remind people to pray actually sit sown spend some time with him ask for him to lead a scientest in the right dirrections!!!

Amen so right!

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Faith is something that is manifested within. It can't be bought, taught manipulated, or faked. When you truly believe in something it is unwavering and you don't look for the answer in man because you find it in God and His promise to us, and when you believe that is all that you need. When I had my first outbreak I prayed and praised God without ceasing. The Sunday before it all began I asked God that if a relationship I was in was not of His will to move in it and move us apart from one another. I prayed this same prayer two years ago and I woman showed up to my house telling me my fiance had been cheating with her. Foolishly I hadn't gotten His hint. When I prayed this prayer again that Sunday my HSV manifested that Tuesday. During that same prayer I had also told God that no matter what happened and how much lower I would go I would continuously praise His name. A prayer and a challenge... usually painful but the end results can be great if you can praise God through your trials. All through the most horrible experience I have ever gone through I prayed for healing and I praised God as well as asked for forgiveness... It hasn't been easy but my faith in Him has been unwavering and I never allowed myself to be angry with or accuse Him for anything... I have not had an outbreak since and when I come across people here that are constantly having outbreaks and suffering depression and rejection I thank God for healing me and keeping me. People seem to be so against the idea of religion because they are afraid to try something they can't understand, but really ask yourself what do you have to lose? We have tried what the world has had to offer and we are suffering the consequences. Being a Christian is not a cure-all, I struggle everyday because when you are in the world TEMPTATION is prevalent but if you work hard to build and nourish your spirit and allow yourself to completely fall in love with God and trust that He will keep you... I can't express how fulfilling it is. If you reply to this thread with cynicism I will only reply in love. All that I try to offer is the peace He has given to me. If you're not interested I will continue to pray for you and if you are message anytime.

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Amen!!! Gotta be thankful to Jesus and God for He protects and provides everything for us. I am thankful I asked Him to save me from hell. I pray I can encourage others with the word of God and to focus on Him and lean not on thierry own understanding

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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

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      Hi Guys, PLEASEEE Keep sharing and signing this link!! Its so important, WE have a voice as well!  How can they run around creating a vaccine for COVID, while people are suffering for years with this awful virus, and nothing has been done....... come on guys, just 20.371 people signed it, and 5 billion people have the virus.. of course they are not going to take us serious if we don't DEMAND help!!!!!! We have to take measures in our own hands, and force them to create a solution... Its NOT okay, to keep suffering like this. SO PLEASE GUYS SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and sign this petition!! Lets DO THIS!!!!!!!! http://chng.it/q4DVMpbDzC
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      The current machines are basically just a small box beside a laptop.
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      Be mindful of the amount of arginine in the collagen you take.  Arginine is a known to cause outbreaks in some people.
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