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need input

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so, I found out I had GHSV1 back in March. I had a cluster of 5-6 sores in the ass crack (sorry so blunt). they itched like hell and didn't go away until I started meds. since then, I've been on valtrex everyday. but, I've been having major vag itch since then. I never got sores there that I know of. if I'm always itchy (which I really feel like I am all the friggin time) does this mean I'm shedding constantly?

Almost a year later and I'm still feeling disgusting. Sucks feeling yucky this way all day, and not being able to bitch about it to anyone. people piss me off when they have bad attitudes because of lame shit like they hated their hair that day or how they couldn't find a parking, I feel like grabbing them by the shoulders and yelling in their face "I don't give a f*ck about your day, at least you don't have herpes!!!"

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But what if they had to like, walk an extra fifty steps because they couldn't find a good parking spot? ;)

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Search for a support group

Where in CA do you reside? Most major metro areas have herpes support groups. It would probably help if you met others who are also living with this virus. I know the support group here in Atlanta really helped me out.

And come to he live chat room. There you will meet many nice people.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • undertsun
      This is my last finding: In vivo Knock-down of the HSV-1 Latency-Associated Transcript Reduces Reactivation from Latency. "We show that this treatment blocks reactivation in the majority of the rabbits."
    • mkumar
      Guys trying a New Way to take herpes Down , Detox Liver & Purify Blood will help just started a new way to tackle this , it's a 8 week course will update 
    • GotMeAtLast
      I ate...and ate...and ate. So glad I don't have to give them up!
    • StayingUpbeat
      There are currently two Phase 2 clinical trials of the effect of valacyclovir (i.e. Valtrex) at the NIH and University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden respectively for the sole purpose of measuring the impact to Alzheimers of taking Valacyclovir in HSV1+ individuals. Anti-viral Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03282916?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&rank=10 Feasibility and Effects of Valaciclovir Treatment in Persons With Early Alzheimer's Disease (VALZ-Pilot) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02997982?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&draw=2&rank=11 We should have some compelling evidence by about this time next year as the Swedish study has been going since 2016 and is set to conclude in April of next year.  The NIH study is set to conclude in 2022 but either way, on simply the mounting causal evidence, I'm going to continue taking my antivirals.
    • GotMeAtLast
      It still sucks for those of us in our 40's. Granted you will have to deal with it a lot longer than I, but it still sucks.

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