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Its really not that bad...

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Sorry in advance if your experience disagrees with mine. These are just my thoughts and I hope it makes you feel better rather than worse ! :-D

I've been living with genital herpes now for about 5 years.

For the first 3 years I had no symptoms at all. When I had my first outbreak I was freaked out, I went through a serious stage of shock, anxiety, fear, etc about it. It really made me think about what is important in my life, relationships, etc. Ultimately I tried as hard as I could to focus on mastering emotions about it and to focus on the reality of how it would really effect my life.

Some people may be worse than others but ultimately it has not greatly impacted my day to day life, nor any of my longer term goals. I don't take any medication and don't pay too much atention to what I eat. I have had the occasional breakout when I get sick but life goes on. I would describe the condition as really more of a slight inconvenice than anything else (both socially and physically).

At the end of the day it's not HIV, it's not cancer and it's much more common than you think!

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just diagnosed

Thanks for your post, it is a relief to hear that after the initial shock and emotional roller coaster that everything really will return to normal. I too never had any symptoms and found out through a routine STD check. I still dont have any symptoms so it is just weird to know that I have it, but have not and may not ever "see" it. I hope I don't, I started taking Valtrex daily just because I am so scared/stressed that I may have a breakout. I am pretty sure I have had it for about 4 years but never showed signs.

Do you find it hard to date/have sexual relationships? I am single and the thought of having "the talk" makes me ill. The man I was dating when I found out last month has stopped talking and taking my calls all together. So I have already dealt with one rejections and it really stings.

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In my experience getting over the social stigma was much harder than dealing with the symptoms. I had to remind myself of that often. Even so I have to admit it did cut deep initially.

Now I am comfortable playing it safe and letting the person I like know when the time is right (admitedly not easy of course). Unfortunately for me it means keeping more emotional distance than I'd like and reminding myself that nobody is perfect.

The new person I like might tell me something worse about themselves and how might I feel then?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • MrKyGuy
      I hooked up with a girl yesterday and I lightly kissed her on the lips four or five times - these were not heavy deep kisses.  As she was leaving I noticed that she had a cold sore that was healing (scabbed) on the top part of her lip. My lips definitely made contact with the scab. I’ve never had a cold sore and my last std test was negative for everything . Any chance I don’t end up with HSV1 on my mouth now after this incident? I know it’s not the end of the world but everything I read says these sores are crazy contagious and primary outbreaks in adults can be brutal. Any insight is greatly appreciated 
    • dont quit!17
      From what I understand shedding studies are expensive but even getting quotes and estimates on this especially in a clinical setting would be a step in the right direction. @destroyhsv, maybe you can look up labcorp or quest diagnostics and call for an estimate or any local labs in your area. 
    • MyOhMy2018
      Hello everyone, Long story short - I had my first outbreak about a year ago, got swabbed and turned out positive to HSV-2. For the first month, I only took valaciclovir when I had an outbreak but seeing that I still had back to back outbreaks, the doctor decided to put me on suppressive therapy. This has never really helped, unfortunately. In the summer, I had no outbreaks for like one and half month but apart from that, I've been having outbreaks every other week. I saw a dermatologist about two weeks ago and he swabbed another lesion that was in my mouth, which in turn revealed positive to HSV-1, although I was on valtrex at that time. He seemed very surprised and said that not responding to valaciclovir is something extremely rare... But reading testimonies here, it doesn't seem to be as rare as people think. The last two~three weeks have been the worst for me: my outbreaks won't stop and it seems to be getting worst and worst. 2 days ago, my doctor put me on the non-generic valaciclovir  just to see if I responded better to the "real" drug but this has not helped so far.  I'm a healthy adult, I eat well, get plenty of sleep (I even take naps ) and exercise 4 to 5 days a week. I supplement daily with organic acerola vitamin C (1000mg), lysine (1 to 2g) and magnesium (500 mg to 1g) and take 1 x 500mg valtrex in the morning and evening.  I'd like to hear stories of people who managed to stop or at least reduce their recurrences and what worked for them. I really need help because that is killing my sexual life, and I'm not even 30. I've read a lot of studies on the internet about people developing resistance to ACV and the likes but none of them mentions an alternative solution for people like me. Actually, I'm not even sure I have developed resistance to ACV because the drug never really worked for me. Moreover, the very few acknowledged ACV resistant cases were in majority immunocompromised patients and as far as I know, this is not my case. I wouldn't really care about that virus if I had only one or two outbreaks a year, but having it non-stop is very hard to handle psychologically. I can't have sex, drink, eat chocolate... Even read that exercising too much could trigger outbreaks. What's left for me to do? Shave my head, go to Bhutan, live with the monks and meditate 12 hours a day?
    • vzhe
      I'd participate and pay for it if you figure out how to do a shedding study. I don't think anything other than a shedding study makes sense.
    • WilsoInAus
      HSV-2 is only required to be disclosed in some states of the US if and only if you know or could have been reasonably expected to know you have it. There are no laws surrounding HSV-1 disclosure or transmission.

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