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. i feel like everythings ending.

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i got the news on Tuesday morning. and i have never felt more depressed in my life. i feel like everything is just falling at once. and then i sit there and i think about how i got it and if i have given it to anyone. in all honesty i believe i caught it from my ex who would force me to have sex with her.but when the doctor told me that my test had come back positive all i could honestly say was okay thank you and hang up the phone. i sat in dead silence for a good three hours just crying and i still don't truly know how to express my feelings. the only thing truly going though my head is well there goes life. even though its not a deadly disease i feel dead to myself. i know that its somthing that tones of people have. and that its one of the most common things to catch but i also look at the fact that im only 18 and im still in highschool. i hate the fact that i have something that i cant get rid of sicne my dad died of AIDS from a one night stand ( he also had herps) but as well as my mother who he gave it to after me and my sister were born i still sit here and wonder how my mom can be so positive about the situation. i wanna egt into a support group becuase i need people who understand exacly what im going though to talk to to help me though this but at the same time i dont know where i could safly go and how i would get involved. i guess what im trying to say is. i need help coping it hasent hit me as hard as i know its going to. and how exactly do you tell a person. hey my name is so and so im really into but by the way im genital herpes positive.:confused:

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Hey welcome, you've come to the right place for support, understanding and information. We've all been where you are now so know exactly what you are going through.

It's been 3 - 4 months for me now, and I'm doing heaps better. I remember feeling how you do now..... numb, shocked, sad and confused but trust me, it does get better.

Remember that this is not the end of the world. It's just the beginning of a new chapter for you. This won't kill you and you will go on to have a full life.

Spend some time here reading up on the information and the stories - there are some great posts about people that have met partners that have loved them regardless. Believe that you can be one of them too.

Being negative won't make this go away. And remember, stress is not our friend. The worst thing about having this is the mental side effects..... don't let this thing win!

I'm on the other side of the world to you so not sure where your support groups are, but I went to mine last week and it was great. I met some wonderful folks and felt so much better being able to openly talk about this. I also learnt that all sorts of people of all ages and walks of life are part of our "club" and that was comforting too.

Keep checking in here where we are all happy to chat and share experiences. We will help you through this.

This isn't the end, it's a new beginning.

Take care.

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Western Pleasure Rider

I, including pretty much everyone else on this board, know exactly how you feel.

I can relate quite closely, as I am only 20 yrs old, and do believe I have had it for over 5 years now...... However it's almost like I got the news just the other day. I have yet to be blood tested, but really there is not much else it could be.

I'm not sure I have quite convinced myself, but will do the best to convince you that life will go on. I too worry about finding someone who will except me for who I am, and what I have (more so the latter of course), even though I am a young, successful beautiful woman. Upon reading more throughout the site, I saw quite a few people who have gone on to have awesome intimate relationships, and even some who are or get married despite having H.

Express yourself here! Search for a group to talk about it with in your area. I have found the easiest way to begin excepting it, and dropping the negative feelings you have towards it, is as simple as talking about it. At least you do have the support of your mother, look to her for answers and help. That is certainly more than some of us have :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • viralfrog
      Day 14 No improvements  new blisters keep forming in the same area. Still using Acyclovir 2 x 800mg/day and all the other supps. 
    • viralfrog
      What dosage are you using daily, and how long did it take for you to notice a difference? I didn't see any improvement in 8 days but realise it might have been too short for an experiment. 
    • Tone123
      WelI I got my results. I got scared because they say consultation needed but I know I have hsv1. So I see it's negative for hsv2. Using the igG bloodtest. It's been about 5 wks since I've felt funny. Again the derm said malluscum and another doc say monders. I'm saying I disturbed the area from being rough for hrs with a condom. My question to the experienced ones is after 5 wks would you think is have some kind of detectable antibodies. Again nothing ever blistered or ulcrred. After sex I remember using antibacterial hand soap down ther in the shower and honestly that's when I burned for a few days lol. That went away and I'm left with a sore raw feel. I have an appointment soon. I want to make sure it's H before they prescribe and operate smh.    Questions.  After 5 weeks never ulcered or pussed, would you think I should have some kind of antibodies fighting it off so it doesn't ulcer? Or I should be having a full ob by now because I have been stressing. Not eating losing sleep and all. What's your intake my friends. Btw the igG test I did specifically says 4 to 6 wks. 6 wks itll above 90% accurate. Elisa herpe select. Is the name of it. I'm 5 wks in from discomfort. 
    • BartSimpson
      Had same symptoms . Burning in penis , nerve pain , lower back pain etc  girl I caught it from had positive viral culture on her vagina for genital herpes 8 years prior but tested negative igg prior to us sleeping together so she assumed she didn't have it anymore .  started dating another girl recently who had positive swab for herpes on vagina in 2013 but tests negative for igg for both types of HSV currently . She also assumed she "beat it" and was no longer a carrier . She gets burning nerve pain all over , constant lower back pain , itchiness all over etc  with both women I experienced a burning sensation in fingertips upon touching there vagina , with the second one I knew exactly what was happening and it scared the hell out of me . Now I'm going thru the initial exposure symptoms all over again except they are alittle different . Headache , pressure behind right eye , burning and pinching sensations all over , lower back pain , weakness and fatigue , burning spots on skin, outbreak on chin , cramping etc I had chronic health issues and poor GI function prior to catching HSV so my immune system responds very poorly to these viruses. testing for hsv 2 is very , very inaccurate . And there are multiple strains of hsv 2 . Viruses mutate slightly with each new host as does  the antigen and antibody response . I'm learning the hard way that just because you have hsv 2 doesn't mean you are immune to hsv 2, so if you start dating someone new who has hsv2 you are going to pick up there strain and they will pick up yours . I currently test positive for only hsv 1 and it's been 8 months since I caught type 2.   one word of advice , I would recommend eating a lower histamine diet and avoid highly acidic foods or drinks . They flare the virus for me and others as well. Also keep stress levels down and be sure to get low intensity exercise everyday to balance nervous system. wilson is very, very uneducated when it comes to hsv and the symptoms it can present as well as testing accuracy . You would think he would be clued in after reading how many consistencies in "atypical" symptoms people post about after exposure on this board as well as the the large amount of people who have positive swabs but negative IGG testing or people with classic hsv symptoms but negative blood work results long after initial exposure... so little is known about these viruses and what they do to our bodies , another word of advice is that after initial exposure rate of viral shedding is very high so be very careful around people you live with or come in contact with . This virus spreads like wildfire in people right after initial exposure . It lives on inanimate surfaces and objects for a minimum of 4 hours and up to several days depending on uv light exposure , air temp and humidity and other environmental factors . All it takes is virus to skin contact for transmission , and in someone with poor health or of old age they pick it up much easier and it can cause serious health issues.  
    • Rc_stake
      hello I received oral from woman with possible herpes. Could someone here please tell how initial breakout looks on glans of penis ? I noticed a bit of redness on penis head, with what looks like beginning of bumps. I have also noticed one side of my buttocks has muscle pain, but cannot remember doing any exercise or movement to trigger this muscle pain.

      The possible herpes area does not feel pain, but it's only been 3-4 days now. I feel some tingles, but not sure if psychosomatic at this point due to focusing to see if I feel symptoms. There is definite new redness with skin looking slightly differently textured. I will be going to a clinic tonight.  Thanks


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