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. i feel like everythings ending.

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i got the news on Tuesday morning. and i have never felt more depressed in my life. i feel like everything is just falling at once. and then i sit there and i think about how i got it and if i have given it to anyone. in all honesty i believe i caught it from my ex who would force me to have sex with her.but when the doctor told me that my test had come back positive all i could honestly say was okay thank you and hang up the phone. i sat in dead silence for a good three hours just crying and i still don't truly know how to express my feelings. the only thing truly going though my head is well there goes life. even though its not a deadly disease i feel dead to myself. i know that its somthing that tones of people have. and that its one of the most common things to catch but i also look at the fact that im only 18 and im still in highschool. i hate the fact that i have something that i cant get rid of sicne my dad died of AIDS from a one night stand ( he also had herps) but as well as my mother who he gave it to after me and my sister were born i still sit here and wonder how my mom can be so positive about the situation. i wanna egt into a support group becuase i need people who understand exacly what im going though to talk to to help me though this but at the same time i dont know where i could safly go and how i would get involved. i guess what im trying to say is. i need help coping it hasent hit me as hard as i know its going to. and how exactly do you tell a person. hey my name is so and so im really into but by the way im genital herpes positive.:confused:

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Hey welcome, you've come to the right place for support, understanding and information. We've all been where you are now so know exactly what you are going through.

It's been 3 - 4 months for me now, and I'm doing heaps better. I remember feeling how you do now..... numb, shocked, sad and confused but trust me, it does get better.

Remember that this is not the end of the world. It's just the beginning of a new chapter for you. This won't kill you and you will go on to have a full life.

Spend some time here reading up on the information and the stories - there are some great posts about people that have met partners that have loved them regardless. Believe that you can be one of them too.

Being negative won't make this go away. And remember, stress is not our friend. The worst thing about having this is the mental side effects..... don't let this thing win!

I'm on the other side of the world to you so not sure where your support groups are, but I went to mine last week and it was great. I met some wonderful folks and felt so much better being able to openly talk about this. I also learnt that all sorts of people of all ages and walks of life are part of our "club" and that was comforting too.

Keep checking in here where we are all happy to chat and share experiences. We will help you through this.

This isn't the end, it's a new beginning.

Take care.

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Western Pleasure Rider

I, including pretty much everyone else on this board, know exactly how you feel.

I can relate quite closely, as I am only 20 yrs old, and do believe I have had it for over 5 years now...... However it's almost like I got the news just the other day. I have yet to be blood tested, but really there is not much else it could be.

I'm not sure I have quite convinced myself, but will do the best to convince you that life will go on. I too worry about finding someone who will except me for who I am, and what I have (more so the latter of course), even though I am a young, successful beautiful woman. Upon reading more throughout the site, I saw quite a few people who have gone on to have awesome intimate relationships, and even some who are or get married despite having H.

Express yourself here! Search for a group to talk about it with in your area. I have found the easiest way to begin excepting it, and dropping the negative feelings you have towards it, is as simple as talking about it. At least you do have the support of your mother, look to her for answers and help. That is certainly more than some of us have :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • mkumar
      Guys trying a New Way to take herpes Down , Detox Liver & Purify Blood will help just started a new way to tackle this , it's a 8 week course will update 
    • GotMeAtLast
      I ate...and ate...and ate. So glad I don't have to give them up!
    • StayingUpbeat
      There are currently two Phase 2 clinical trials of the effect of valacyclovir (i.e. Valtrex) at the NIH and University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden respectively for the sole purpose of measuring the impact to Alzheimers of taking Valacyclovir in HSV1+ individuals. Anti-viral Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03282916?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&rank=10 Feasibility and Effects of Valaciclovir Treatment in Persons With Early Alzheimer's Disease (VALZ-Pilot) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02997982?recrs=ad&cond=Herpes+Simplex&draw=2&rank=11 We should have some compelling evidence by about this time next year as the Swedish study has been going since 2016 and is set to conclude in April of next year.  The NIH study is set to conclude in 2022 but either way, on simply the mounting causal evidence, I'm going to continue taking my antivirals.
    • GotMeAtLast
      It still sucks for those of us in our 40's. Granted you will have to deal with it a lot longer than I, but it still sucks.
    • Everydaypeople
      I hope this message finds you well... I too just got recently diagnosed with type 2 and my soul left my body.... I'm still in 5 stages of grief... depression and anxiety... etc...  your boyfriend probably knew he had it...   I'm still in state of shock...gonna start doing things to occupy my mind...  support group like this site is good... very informative.. As far as not ever having a normal relationship,  your wrong.. my best friend had type 2 and had kids and got married.. How ? I asked myself plenty of times... none of my business... shem happier than she's ever been..  

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