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Liquid Bandage

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Hi Everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried a liquid bandage for their cold sores instead of just letting it scab over.

For me, the worst part of getting a cold sore (besides the leper-feeling) is the ugly scab that lasts for 2 weeks.

Liquid bandages work like scabs by keeping moisture in and germs out. Please let me know.


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moisture=bad, oxygen=good keep the sore open and dry....blow dry it with a hair works

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Possible Preventive Measure

I just posted information that a dermatologist used to help me with herpes on my finger. Im the author ThisGirlsDreaming, you might want to read the treatment that he used...

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    • herpinator mgoo
      Fuck. So I went 2 months without an OB and thought things were going great. One day Idrank a couple drops of oregano oil in water and the next morning was my first ob in months.   I had read that oregano oil can actually trigger an ob... So maybe that is true. But since an OB is already underway, I figured some topical oregano oil might help. I dissolved some oregano oil into some rubbing alcohol and applied that to the affected area. I figured that you want to dry out a blister, not moisturize instead of using orenago oil in olive oil, I decided to try the alcohol. Well, I do not know for sure that the two are connected....but just now I go to look at my member, cause it was itching a bit near the base and there it is--the largest cluster of blisters I've had yet.    Up till now all of my ob's have been in the same region--but this one is way over on the other side of my cock. Damn. I'd been using the rubbing alcohol with oregano oil for the past day or so, and thought it was getting better. These new blisters just popped up within the past couple hours--they weren't there when I showered just 3 hours ago.  
    • BoatyMcBoatface
      Did they do a blood test or a swab test? Right now you only have a visual diagnosis. The doctor is probably right but they need to do other tests.
    • Tiffany6125
      Thank you. I hope so, I'll try and think positive. Only time we'll tell.
    • Gregor
      old post, but I am in Berlin if you want to chat..
    • fitzjust1
      @Singaporeguy89 i PM you for you to join our facebook group.
    • LillianPanos
      So slow and far away ay
    • Andyp
      Yes, I exercise 5 days a week, I went to an homeopathic doctor and they take a blood sample and analyze it, he told me that the only problem is that I'm currently low on defenses,  so he gave me treatment for a month,  and asked me to drink more fruits and veggie juices,  and that I should be fine.  I've actually toned it down with the vitamins and supplements (just taking probiotics and super lysine + pills), and I've been noticing that I'm not that swollen (I had a very swollen labia majora only on my right side,  which my gyno did not give any importance to..  But I did)  so that's a good sign for me! And my right lymph node has gone back to normal too,  also wanted to add that Manuka honey really works on healing sores faster,  and the super lysine + ointment works great too
    • Lisajd
      There is plenty of info on here about hsv. Genital h includes the anus.  Herpes is one of those things that can easily happen. A lot of people dont even know they have it and spread it.  Worry about dating once you get used to and accept h.  Many people have oral h.  There are risks and really if the guy wants to take the risk it doesnt matter.  You might meet someone with it anyway. Disclosing is nerve racking but i know of many positive outcomes. Just dont assume someone will run.  You dont know their situation or their views on it. And dont beat yourself up.  You cant change it so just focus on learning about it and moving forward.  It doesnt change who you are
    • Lisajd
    • Herpadoodledoo
      It's at the very top of the home page 
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