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Precautions taken vs. number of outbreaks?

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I’ve been diagnosed recently with GHSV-1 and was wondering what the impact of taking precautions according to diet and health verses no precautions are on reoccurring outbreaks.

So if you don’t mind answering some questions..

  • Have you changed your diet since your first outbreak? What does your new diet include/avoid?
  • Do you take vitamin supplements?
  • Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much?
  • Do you exercise?
  • How many outbreaks do you have a year, generally?

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Hi fortunia777!

I've been just recently diagnosed with GHSV-1 too and so far ..

-No I have not changed my diet at all, if anything I've started to eat more unheathier because I am much more busy, which makes me more stressed.

- No I have not started taking any vitamin supplements but I do want to start to even out my unhealthy habits.

- yes I drink alcohol. Halloween and other important events came up and I drank quite the amount. (probably the drunkest I've been in a long time!)

- Like I said, I'm really busy and I have need to schedule time to eat so no, but I use to exercise daily.

-Its been almost three months and no outbreak. I actually thought I was getting one after I was servely sick with the flu so I went to the doctors to get some meds. I was only getting tingling and what not but no actual sores so I didn't end up taking them because I want to see what actually triggers them.

So I've actually been in my worst health stage since being diagnosed and so far so good but its still too early to tell how many a year I would be getting .. clearly. So I, myself would like to know as well as you!

How about you .. have you been getting any obs since you've been diagnosed?

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Well, I'm just getting over my first outbreak now of GHSV-1. And I'm wondering how important it is to alter your lifestyle (food/alcohol/supplements), because I really don't want to. I like eating unhealthy foods and drinking alcohol. I know every person is different, but it would be helpful to know how the average person is affected/not affected by this.

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My Approach

So I started out taking the lysine, multi vitamin, cutting this and that out of my diet and was miserable. I've decided to go with a multi vitamin and Vitamin C to see how that works. I'm not changing anything else except trying to control my stress level. While I haven't had any more OBs (blisters), I have had prodrome - tingling, pain in legs, twitching in face, etc. They are not constant. I think it is just taking my body some time to get used to the virus. I was diagnosed on 10/12.

I have had cold sores since I was young and for some reason I feel like this is causing that to act up as well. Maybe it is the stress. Who knows.

I said all of that to say I'm going to try to keep my life status quo. I have enough that has changed with the H to try to reinvent myself now. I will try to eat a little healthier though.

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I was diagnosed with GHSV2 mid August. I had a fairly mild outbreak, consisted of 1 sore, burning, discharge and some nerve pain that all lasted about 2 weeks. The next month I had tingling and itching and got a prickly feeling like I had velcro in my underwear almost every day. The past 2 weeks, I haven't really had any significant symptoms.

I didn't change anything in my diet. In fact, I just came back from Florida and had lots of sun, sex and alcohol. No outbreak or even prodrome symptoms whatsoever.

I take Lysine and various vitamins, and just bought the immune support from Dynamiclear (figure it will help during flu season too).

Everyone is different. You have to figure out what works for you and what doesn't. Its a trial and error process.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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