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Need help, advice, support :(

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I have had cold sore outbreaks a few times before but I was oblivious of how serious it was. Recently, I experienced an outbreak so I decided to get tested. This time around, before getting the results I made some research and I was certain I had HSV 1 although I hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I got the devastating results; it came back HSV 1 positive and HSV 2 negative. I was relieved I wasn’t diagnosed with genital herpes although I am still at risk with my condition. The first outbreak was I believe to be back in 2007, the cause unknown.

I was recently dating someone and within 2 weeks the outbreak on my lip occurred. This scared him away and we stopped dating before I even got my results. I have so many questions running through my mind. I am overwhelmed and sadden by the situation. I am so afraid to tell anyone new I meet about my condition because of rejection and gossip. The last thing I want to be is the girl known for having herpes. I also wouldn’t wish anyone with this virus so its another obstacle that scares me to continue dating.

Is my love/sex like over? Can I transmit the virus while it’s dormant? How contagious is HSV 1 when it’s in the latent stage? What are the chances of me getting genital herpes? How can I live with this virus? Who will want to date me, let alone marry me with such high risks? I am so depressed by this whole situation. I have only told one of my friends. She tries to reassure me everything will be fine but after learning more about the virus I feel like I am given the obligation to tell everyone I may want to get intimate with and that’s scares me. I hope many of you can relate to my situation and give me the much needed advice and answers.

Has anyone had any success with any medication to prevent outbreaks from reccurring? Medavir? MMS? Herpes Detox? etc?

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HSV 1 is incredibly common, over 80% of the population has it. The chances or the person you are dating already having type 1 is huge. Check out this site: www.herpesisnormal.com

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hey BBGirly,

1st - HSV1 is extremely common - 50-80% of the population has it and the number of people that have it climbs to 90% with age - 50yrs or so. So know that you aren't weird or anything for having this. But a lot of people don't know that they have it because they do not get outbreaks. The guy that you were dating before could have had it and not known...been shedding and passed it to you.

2nd - Given the above information, your sex/love life should definately not be over. You don't have to disclose that you get cold sores right off the bat, but it would be wise to tell them before having oral sex because they could get in that area. They probably won't freak out because they probably know someone with it or have it themselves. I'm not for sure on exactly how much the virus shed from the area. I'm sure you can find this info either on this site (the right collum) or on another creditable site.

3rd - You can still get HSV2 but you have a somewhat smaller chance of getting it now that you have HSV1 - this is because the two types share a lot of the same DNA...thus their antibodies are somewhat similar.

4th - Medications. I have HSV1 and I am on suppressive therapy because I get outbreaks often...but if you only get it once or twice a year there is no need for that. Before doing the acyclovir every day I would use valtrex episodically. When you take the 2pills when you first get symptoms (like tingling, icthing) and then another 2 pills 12 hours later, it will sometimes prevent the sore from even forming. I've also tried Dynamiclear and it works just okay for me.

5th - YOU WILL BE OKAY! TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT SO MUCH. Just hang in there. You will adjust.

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Welcome to the club!

Hi, you are fortunate that you only have hsv1. Some say 80% of the adult population has it. And hardly anyone associates cold sores with herpes.

I have had hsv1 & 2 for many years, and have had some awesome sex during that time. I have dated many non h women and have never passed this along.

You would be surprised how many people dont mind dating someone who gets cold sores. And having hsv1 will help prevent you from getting ghsv2.

There is a support group in your area (hopefully). I would encourage you to attend a meeting if they have them. The support group here really helped me when I was first diagnosed:

Broward and Palm Beach Help

P.O. Box 77-1604 Coral Springs, FL 33077

Ph: (954) 896-9788

And come to the "Live Chat" room, there you will find many nice people who can offer you support.

Good luck!


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Thank you guys for the support. I will continue with the search and think about participating in the support group. I feel a bit better having to be able to speak about it and people know what I am going through. ;)

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I have a few other questions....

1. What are the risks of trasmitting the virus while it's dormant?

2. During viral shedding, can I still transmit it through kissing or oral sex although I am avoiding the direct skin contact with the precise infected area?

3. I have gotten 2 outbreaks this year, does anyone recommend a medication, diet, exercise, etc to avoid cold sores from recurring?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Tomanyob
      I to have one outbreak after another. Never been tested but I know I have it . I would love advice on how to help with lesions on my labia.  Those hurt the worst and last the longest .  I have found if I take a pin and pop the ones on the regular skin and cover them with coconut oil salt scrub ,it drys them up and almost gone immediately and dont spread near as bad .  As I said I have lesions now and I cant seem to make them better . They hurt so bad .   I am new to this and have no idea how I got it. Been with the same person for years . 
    • Hatinithelp
      So I can do the keto diet for 3 days an it will be inactive??
    • Hatinithelp
      I jus recently found out I have hsv. The first test came back negative they said it was jock itch but I had another lil spot pop up in the crease of my leg an that came back positive. I was so broken at that moment. That someone couldn’t have told me so we could have took actions to prevent me from getting it. I understand well all have it but some people’s is active an some people’s aren’t. I have some questions tho. Ever since I have been diagnosed I have been getting these lil spots poppin up on my legs knuckles an other places that itch tremendously bad idk if it’s bc I’m overly paranoid bc I’ve found out I have this or if there is something else wrong w me   I’m embarrassed to go to the doc about it this has really put me into a deep depression an I found this site hoping to get answers an support on how to deal with this I was praying that maybe this was all a bad dream but unfortunately I was wrong. Please help 
    • blurneworder
      Same thing happened to me not long after having unprotected sex.  I have not tested positive for HSV, but I experience what you are in that area
    • Optimistic46
      Diagnosed a year ago. Tried suppression therapy to no avail. Dr prescribed 500mg Valtrex increased to 1000g no help. Two HIV test negative. The worst experience ever. Tried oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, lysine, Multi vitamin. Just read because I’m peri menopausal it might be hormones. Outbreaks are constant hsv 2.  If anyone can can relate, I’m pleading for insight.

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