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Just sent a note to the guy who gave it to me...

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I came on this site last night for the first time in about a year because I felt like I needed to hear some support from other people who understand this...

And I saw the sidebar ad for that anonymous postcard thing you can send by email to tell people they should get tested (inSPOT)...looked up the email of the guy who I'm 99% sure gave it to me, and sent him a note saying my peace. I never wanted to confront him in person on the slight chance that he does not have it--he is a total prick and knows A LOT of the same people as me...and is a very public figure in the nightlife business where I used to work. (sidenote--do NOT get frisky with shady bartenders/club managers, or at least without protection!!!) I'm pretty sure he has it and he knows, and he just chose not to say anything....it's just a crappy thing that I was irresponsible and could have avoided it.

Anyway, I feel a little better now that I've sent him that note. At least he'll know that someone got it from him and that they know how much of a jerk he is.

The end :)

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Well done you, that was a brave thing to do!

Hopefully it gives him a scare and he goes to get tested, or at the very least learns to 'glove up'!!!

I don't know who I got this from (and don't have email addresses for my suspects) so can't take the same path as you, but I'm proud of you for spreading the message.

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That's great for you!, i just recently had my 1st OB and i feel extremely blessed that it wasn't as bad as i've read other's experienced.

i too however would like to find out who gave this to me (just to speak my peace, pray for them), but i'm honestly not sure. i've only had 4 partners. all of whom wore protection (at least to my knowledge). but i'd def. like to know. but alas, i understand i possibly will never know. i pray for myself, other's effected and the person who might have gave it to me. weather they knew or not is really not an issue with me.

i believe God will deal with that person and their situation (if there even is one)

again great for you!, i can imagine how much healing sending that note did.

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Thanks for the nice notes :)

I feel good about sending the note, even if it was anonymous. Some may think that's the easy way out, and that he might just blow it off and think it is a joke. But I sent the message with a comment like "this is not a joke--you told me once that (something personal about him from his childhood that he doesn't have on myspace, facebook etc, but that he may not remember that he told ME)"....so I hope he takes it seriously. Sending the note brought up all of the anger again, but when it really comes down to it, I hope he learns to be responsible (not just sexually--he's very immature, insecure and reckless with peoples' emotions).


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      If your eye was affected by HSV you'd be in intense pain and you'd be in the hospital on an antiviral drip.  It is likely a coincidence of timing, and something that you shouldn't overthink.  Definitely worth getting checked anyway since the eye is a sensitive area.
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