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I'm new with some questions :)

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Hey i'm new to this site :) my name is jessica and im almost 23 years old. I just got diagnosed last wednesday with HSV-2. I was getting a really itchy bum for like weeks, and then it became really raw and i was freaking out because it hurt when I peed because the pee touched my bum..lol

I'm kinda scared since the doctor wasnt really comforting at all, she was busy and rushing and just told me my test results and left. I had no idea I had it , and i'm seeing someone, and the hardest part was I told him expecting to be rejected because of what society thinks about hsv2. He gave me a big hug and said everything is going to be ok, i like you way to much to run away.

Oh btw does anyone with hsv2 on here get like a burning like a sunburn feeling ( sensitive to touch and temperature) in their thighs and it hurts to put pants on and stabbing pains in the right leg? wondering if its somehow related ? it feels like my nerves are like way aware and out there. I've been getting that feeling for about a year now and all the doctors ive seen about it have no idea what it is.

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What you are feeling is called prodromme

Welcome to the 'club'!

Prodromme is the sensations you feel in your body prior to an outbreak.

pm me if you have any other questions, I have had this a long time and could probably answer most of them.

And come to the "Live Chat" room. There are many nice people there who could answer your questions and offer support. You are not alone.

Good luck!


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