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I'm New with some questions-Help!

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Hi, i'm new. i was just diagnosed this year. i never had a breakout-cold sores on my mouth or genitals. i thought something was strange in my genital area-pretty sure it was an allergic reaction to a lubricant, no blistering-so i went to my doctor and had her do an std test. i was shocked to find out i tested positive for herpes 1 and 2. she said that it wasn't something that was new, that i probably had it for sometime. i've gotten over the shock and since i haven't had breakouts, so far, i figure it's not the end of the world.

i've had a partner for 12 years and when i told him, we just figured he probably has it as well. though, doing research on the computer and finding this message board and looking around on here, i guess there could be a slight chance he doesn't have it. now i want him to get tested. i have a couple questions that i'm sure have been asked before, so sorry to repeat some. it's just that there seems to be so many conflicting things here on the net, it gets confusing.

first, my doctor didn't put me on any medication since i haven't had a breakout. now if my partner is negative, i should probably go on the meds since then it will cut down the chances of him getting it right? i do take supplements that help in the prevention of breakouts and am going to start with some herbs as well. does anyone think i should just take the meds as well regardless?

second, i don't get breakouts but now i understand you still pass it on by shedding. so if i give my partner oral sex, can i pass it on? if he gives me oral sex do i pass it on? i know wearing a condom will protect, but since we haven't that's why i'm asking.

third, since i have herpes 2, even without a breakout, rubbing my genitals against his, i can pass it on?

it's kind of funny(not in a laughing way) that when they started talking about herpes in the early 80's, it was such a big deal. once aids came around, all these other std's seemed forgotten about....i know i did. it seems like herpes is really so easy to to catch and i'm sure there are many people who don't know they have it. i'm not sure about all clinics, but the one i go to for hiv and std's don't test for herpes. i certainly never realized you could have it and have no symptoms.

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I hope these answers help

Taking meds is up to you. It has been shown that taking anti-virals will help reduce the risk of transmission, so it is up to you and your partner on the amount of risk you want to take.

Yes, oral sex by you on him, or him on you can transmit the virus. Since you have 1 & 2 you more than likely have it oral and genital. So you can give it to him by giving him oral, and he can get it from you as well.

The virus is transmitted through physical contact and the virus can reside anywhere in your genital region. So even if your partner is wearing a condom you can still pass it along through contact in areas not covered by the condom.

I hope these help.

Good luck!


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • SillyGirlMel
      I agree, but funny thing is that I didn't check to see what they tested for until after I got HVS2, and then I looked at the testing panel and realized that testing for HVS2 is not required for this industry, it's not something they disclose to you, it's something you have to figure out for yourself.  There isn't an orientation or anything for this field of work and many girls are 18, just out of high school, some still in, when they enter... It's something I'm trying to figure out how to change... Personally as a solo and girl/girl only performer, I see a lot of good in the adult industry if they just tweaked things such as testing for HSV2, or disclosing that they don't beforehand.
    • HerpesDumbAf
      Okay so I want some physical pains, emotional pains, psychological pains, etc to how this has affected you! I’m doing this so I can have some background on not just me but for EVERYONE who experiences chronic pains or mental pains or more when I go meet with the head GYN to talk about and I quote    “You are certainly welcome to schedule an appointment with one of the other GYN providers who are in clinic this month especially if you have questions or concerns about your own health. I believe Fadyia was trying to connect us as you raised concerns about areas affecting all students in which case I’d be happy to meet and discuss when I return. J “    but the only physical pain I’ve experienced was severe nerve pain and blisters but they’ve healed and never returned , and the only mental pain i experience is when knowing you’re the “only one who has it” but I want to hear from YOU guys so I can have some backbone To why this should be talked about more when she returns. I mean everyone says we should give back to the community. So type the problems/concerns below and I’ll check them and when she returns I’ll state them! 
    • HerpesDumbAf
      Well hell if they don’t test then that’s the risk everyone takes   
    • SillyGirlMel
      I recently had to build up courage to disclose, but it was after I already had intimacy with him, I know you won't make the same mistake I did... but I think disclosing AFTER is much harder than BEFORE so let me tell you how I got myself to finally pick-up the phone and tell him... 1. I watched a lot of youtube videos about how it's the right thing to do and HAVE to do. 2.I googled about other people in my situation and how to disclose. 3.I texted him telling him that I have something I needed to tell him, then I called after he said it was good to call, and I just Nike! (Do it/Did it) The common advice I found on every google suggestion and youtube video is to "STAY CALM", he will feed off of your emotion so be calm, and be informative without being too informative/overwhelming him. I only disclosed today, but I do know that the conversation went well for what it was and for being over the phone... What happens next I don't know, I cried after I got off the phone because I felt so awful. And though I think he knew I felt guilty, ashamed and whole bunch of other things, I didn't let it take-over the discussion of what's important which is letting him know that HE will be okay, and that HSV2 is okay, common, and treatable although incurable, also the statistics of the likeliness to spread.  There has been MANY cases where one person DOESN'T spread it to their partner long as they both take precautions. I know I messed up, so I'm not the best person to get advice from, but I hope this helps at least a little bit.  If you need any youtube video references, let me know.
    • Hockeyawesome1
      I’m going to be working outside in Florida and want to know how to stop cold sores in the sun 

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